Analysis of Jaguars Picks in Rounds 4-7

Anyone who knows the NFL is fully aware that a draft cannot accurately be graded until at least three years following draft day. That said, we are going to give our opinion on each of the Jaguars picks in rounds four through seven.

Round four (# 107 overall) Mike Thomas, WR, Arizona

Initial thoughts:
Thomas is a smallish, quick type of slot receiver who can help on in the return game. Basically another Dennis Northcutt (even the same school).

Value: C-
Although Thomas was the all-time leading receiver in Pac-10 history, his hands are average to below average, and we believe that he could've been available for the Jags in the fifth round.

After further review:
Who needs wide receiver help more than the Jaguars? I don't look for huge things from Thomas, but if he can be a solid return man and convert a few third downs, it will be a solid pick.

Round five (#144 overall) Jarett Dillard, WR, Rice

Initial thoughts:
We loved the pick. Dillard is the NCAA all-time leader in touchdown receptions and although he played at a mid-major, we believe he is the real deal.

Value: A-
The value would've been better if the team selected Dillard in round four and Thomas in round five, but either way it works out just the same. Only Thomas will be making more money and we believe Dillard will be the better player.

After further review:
We love the pick even more. Dillard is a playmaker who runs great routes and has very good hands. He may be able to make an impact as a rookie.

Round six (#180 overall) Zach Miller, TE, Nebraska-Omaha

Initial thoughts:
Who? Actually, we heard about the Jaguars interest in him about a week and a half ago and reported it, but we really weren't sure what plan the team had for him.

Value: D
Miller is one of those very under the radar prospects and it's extremely likely that he would've been available in the seventh round or as an undrafted free agent.

After further review:
Wildcat, welcome to Jacksonville! Miller can play an H-back type of role and he labels himself the "poor man's Tim Tebow." It appears as if Dirk Koetter is about to get more creative with the offense.

Round seven (#250 overall) Rashad Jennings, RB, Liberty

Initial thoughts: Straight up value pick. Jennings is a great find that late in the draft and the big, bruising back can be a great compliment to Maurice Jones-Drew.

Value: A+
Jennings in the seventh round could be the biggest steal of the entire draft. Some mocks had him going as early as round two.

After further review:
Still love the pick. Jennings may force Greg Jones back into a more hybrid fullback role as he has legitimate talent.

Round seven (#253 overall) Tiquan Underwood, WR, Rutgers

Initial thoughts:
Speedy guy, another player to compete at a wide open wide receiver position.

Value: C
Underwood was far from a steal, but why take the chance of not being able to sign him in undrafted free agency?

After further review:
He could be one of those guys that steps into camp and surprises everyone; or he could be just a guy. Either way the Jags have very little invested.

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