Jaguars UDFA Report- Tyler Lorenzen

The Jaguars can use all the playmakers that they can find, especially at the tight end position. Marcedes Lewis has yet to play up to his first-round draft status, Greg Estandia has shown moments that looked promising, but those moments have been fleeting at best. The Jaguars are trying to find a little lightning in a bottle with former Connecticut quarterback turned tight end, Tyler Lorenzen.


A former quarterback at UCONN, Lorenzen stands in at 6' 5", and 230 lbs. He has the height and speed to play tight end in the NFL. He played two seasons at Palomar Community College in San Marcos, CA before transfering to Connecticut for his junior year.

Scouting Report:

From Erik Sandelin of

"Big, strong, tough, good footwork...has what you are looking for upstairs."

Chances of making roster:

As a player who is learning a new position, Lorenzen is a true project and thus his shot of making the final roster isn't that great. With the team picking up Zach Miller in the sixth round, Tyler will have to work twice as hard at not only learning a new system, but also a new position.

Our guess:

Lorenzen is probably the rawest player on the roster being that he is convertng to a new position. The likelihood of him making the active roster is slim to none. Practice squad is about all he can really hope for at this time in his young career, and that could be a stretch.

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