Can Eugene Reverse the Curse in Jacksonville?

The Jaguars first round picks over the first couple of years were like the ascent of a roller-coaster ride. Then, you have that speedy fall back down to earth. Are the past three first round picks going to lead the team back to the top of the tracks? Or will they continue on the path of descent?

You can tell a lot about a team by the way they draft players. The Jaguars haven't been doing it as long as most teams, but after 15 years, you would think they would have this draft thing down by now.

The Jaguars very first draft pick couldn't have gone much better. They selected behind Carolina, who took Kerry Collins, and the Jaguars grabbed USC tackle, Tony Boselli. Boselli was on his way of becoming one of the best left tackles to ever don the pads before injuries cut his career short. Still, while Boselli was healthy, the Jags went to two AFC Championship games and he was routinely selected to the Pro Bowl. Following the Jaguars first draft, they then spent four of their next five first round picks on defense. Although they didn't get the megastars, they got players that helped mold this team into a winning franchise in it's early days. Kevin Hardy, Renaldo Wynn, Donovin Darius, and Fernando Bryant were starters for the team for years. And that one offensive player they took was some running back from UF, Fred Taylor. Mix in Marcus Stroud and John Henderson, hitting on 8 of your first 9 first round picks is pretty good. The one exception was a problematic wide receiver from USC. The name leaves a "Soward" taste in most Jaguars fans mouth's.

After major salary cap issues, the Jaguars brought in a new coaching staff and VP of Personnel in James "Shack" Harris. Then the descent ensued. Byron Leftwich was selected before players like Terrell Suggs, Troy Polamalu, and Anquan Boldin. The replacement for Mark Brunell, Leftwich never won over the fans despite having solid numbers. Reggie Williams was next. Drafted entirely too Thigh, Williams never realized his potential and is currently without a job. hen they selected another QB, but not to play QB. Matt Jones was supposed to be the white version of Randy Moss. Turns out that the only thing he had a passion for was what was illegal for him to do.

Marcedes Lewis, Reggie Nelson, and second year player Derrick Harvey have shown flashes of what they can do. With the right play calling and coaching, these guys should be able to have good, solid careers and prove to be good picks. So, what will Eugene Monroe bring? Will he shoot the Jaguars back up on the track to success? Only time will tell, but aren't you glad that the future of that line falls on someone whose shoulders are as broad as Monroe's?

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