Jack's Way or the Highway

On Monday, Jacksonville Jaguars defensive tackle John Henderson pulled himself out of drills and missed practice. Most assumed it was Henderson's traditional "injury" to get out of meaningless "no contact" practice, as many big guys do. On Tuesday, Henderson again missed OTA practice. Jack Del Rio was not pleased and uncharacteristically called out John Henderson.

"John has a shoulder that, back when I played, nobody would've missed a snap," said Del Rio. "(Vince) Lombardi might be rolling over. It's disappointing to see him pull himself out. I'm not going to worry about somebody who's pulled himself out of a drill."

To be blunt, Jack Del Rio just called John Henderson soft. Using the "S" word is crushing to a player. Jack Del Rio continued, clearly showing his displeasure when asked if Henderson was risking his leadership position, "Without question. You can't lead and act that way. Everybody has to determine their own tolerance for pain. Frankly, it's embarrassing for me to even me talking about it."

During the offseason, many speculated if the Jacksonville Jaguars were going to enter full rebuild mode, John Henderson could be a player that the team could move as he still has value, and it was a surprise to some that he was not moved on draft day. With this new incident, it appears that the writing is on the wall.

Jack Del Rio has a habit, be it good or bad, of getting rid of players who do not buy into what he's selling. It began with safety Deon Grant after the 2006 season. Then it moved to quarterback Byron Leftwich in 2007, defensive tackle Marcus Stroud, and finally linebacker Mike Peterson in 2008. It's becoming a scary trend; Butt heads with Jack Del Rio and you're out the door. Don't be shocked to see Henderson become to the next victim.

People wonder how Del Rio lost the locker room last year. What a great start to holding the ship this year, publicly calling out one of the most respected veterans on the team and practically calling him soft.

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