Wild Cats?

Several reports say that the Jaguars have been lining up in the "Wildcat" formation at practice recently. Since the Miami Dolphins ran the unique variation of the spread offense with some success last year, every team in the NFL has taken notice.

The handwriting was on the wall as early as this April; we all should have seen it coming. Jack Del Rio showed his hand shortly after the Jaguars selected Zach Miller from Nebraska-Omaha.

"When you hear about tight end, Zach Miller, he's kind of a Wildcat quarterback," said the head coach. "I heard he described himself as a poor man's Tim Tebow."

In a copycat league, going Wildcat seems to be a logical move for most teams. The Miami Dolphins ran it with a plenty of success last year with running back Ronnie Brown lining up in the shotgun formation. Now the Jags, and probably most other teams in the NFL, will try their hand at it to.

David Garrard was lined up at receiver the other day in practice and Maurice Jones-Drew, Mike Thomas, and Dennis Northcutt were taking snaps.

As exciting as the Dolphins Wildcat looks were a year ago, merely switching around skill-position players in the huddle may not work for teams experimenting with the formation in 2009. The Dolphins were exposed by the aggressive Baltimore Ravens last year, who proved that you could make a player who doesn't usually face blitzing situations (i.e. Ronnie Brown) uncomfortable when presenting him with pressure. Because of that, there was a premium on versatile spread-option based quarterbacks this draft.

The Dolphins selected Pat White in the second round of this year's draft after he proved to be one of the most explosive QBs in the nation during his tenure at West Virginia.

Jacksonville is hoping that taking Miller in the sixth round will give them another option in their attempt to implement parts of the Wildcat offense.

Miller is a college QB who was expected to play tight end at the next level. At 6'4", 216 lbs., he is a load to bring down when you consider him coming at you with 4.5 speed.

It is not yet known how the team will grasp this new offensive package or how often the Jags will go it. However, the Jaguars will attempt to go from the team formerly known as the Cardiac Cats to the Wildcats. Hopefully it is a smooth transition.

JagNation will debate the merrits of the Wildcat offense later this week, so stay tuned.

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