Garrard Gets Vocal

Jaguars quarterback David Garrard didn't enjoy the 2008 season like he did the 2007 campaign. In that year, his first as the team's full-time starter, Garrard finished with a quarterback rating of 102.2, the third highest mark in the NFL behind only Tom Brady and Ben Roethlisberger. What does Garrard think he has to do? Find out...

Production took a dramatic turn down last year as Garrard struggled with just an 81.7 rating. In his defense, Garrard was the victim of shaky line play and a woeful lack of talented receivers. Still, the Jaguars QB knows he has to play better in 2009 in order to help the team reverse its 5-11 finish from a year ago.

Garrard (Getty Images)
"I've just got to be able to make the plays. My thing is to put the ball I the receivers' hands and they should catch it. If they don't catch it, there's really nothing I can do," Garrard said. "I'm going to be more vocal with the guys. I'm not going to be jumping on people's backs but I am going to be more vocal. I'm going to be talking to the guys in the game more than I have been, just to make sure that everybody knows the sense of urgency we have to have.

"[This group of receivers we have] are going to definitely be focused and will be just as hungry as the next man. So it's going to be a good year for us offensively as long as everybody just does their job."

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