Lemon Officially Squeezed

To prepare for the signing of Jacksonville's nine draft picks, the Jaguars made a few moves on Wednesday which included the release of veteran backup quarterback Cleo Lemon.

The move to part ways with Lemon comes as a very small surprise to JagNation.com readers, as this move was telegraphed with the signing of journeyman backup quarterback Todd Bouman, roughly a month ago. STORY HERE

The move to release Lemon is an official admission of poor spending, as the three free agents the Jaguars spent roughly $25 million in guaranteed money on a year ago, Jerry Porter, Drayton Florence, and Cleo Lemon, have all been jettisoned in unceremonious fashion.

Lemon received roughly $3 million to throw two passes and hold a clipboard for the Jaguars in just over a year. Good work if you can get it.

The Jaguars also waived former Washington State defensive end Mkristo Bruce, former Florida center Drew Miller, and former undrafted rookie corner from Louisiana Tech, Weldon Brown.

JagNation will have more on how these moves affect the rest of the roster later on.

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