New Jaguar Scouting Report- Todd Boeckman

The Jaguars made a few moves Wednesday, as they released veteran backup quarterback Cleo Lemon, and later in the day signed undrafted free agent rookie quarterback Todd Boeckman.  What kind of player are the Jaguars getting? 

We asked Marcus Hartman, staff writer of Buckeye Sports Bulletin who kindly furnished us with the following report--
Boeckman has a strong arm, and Ohio State's coaches have said he probably throws the best deep ball of anyone they have coached.

He isn't terribly accurate as a passer, at least partly because he doesn't go back there and set up as consistently as you would expect a guy who has been playing quarterback for presumably his whole life. He is from St. Henry High School in western Ohio where he was a four-year starter for his dad, Tim, who was also the coach when Bobby Hoying and Jeff Hartings went through on their way to the NFL. 

Obviously, he's a big guy who can stand in the pocket and look over the rush, but he doesn't regularly do that. Thus, he has poor pocket presence. He seemed to panic often when blitzed, and when he was benched earlier this year it seemed like he was sensing pass rushers who were not always there. He also has a propensity for making a couple of throws per game that really leave you scratching your head. 

He's well-liked by his teammates, and he's obviously very loyal because he agreed to "grayshirt" out of high school, meaning he just went to OSU part time for part of his first year out of high school so he could get an extra year of eligibility between him and Troy Smith and Justin Zwick (who was a much bigger name as a recruit than Smith, by the way). He waited four years before becoming a starter in 2007 then was a sixth-year senior when he got benched last year.  

Boeckman will likely compete for a practice squad spot with Paul Smith, last year's undrafted rookie quarterback from Tulsa.  Boeckman doesn't have the accuracy that Smith possesses, but he has a much bigger arm.  It's not likely that either Boeckman or Smith find any reps on the actual roster this season for the Jags, and if they do, it will likely mean bad things for the organization. 

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