Jaguars Not So Wild About Wildcat

Don't look for the Jaguars to become advocates of the Wildcat formation that several other NFL clubs have adopted.

Coach Jack Del Rio was posed the question after the team was seen running a couple of plays from that formation during their OTAs.

"We've had a couple looks at it for our defense. We've done stuff for each other this offseason to make sure that we're getting a look. It's not going to be a major part of what we're doing."

When pressed as to whether he's a big believer in the new formation, Del Rio was a bit more coy.

"I'm a believer in anything on offense that gives you a chance to get first downs and score points."We're looking at a bunch of different things but none of which I care to share with the league. We'll just kind of let it play out over time."

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