Quarterback Shopping for Jaguars

As well all know, the Jacksonville Jaguars opted to not select a young quarterback in April's NFL draft, a certain surprise to most people who cover and follow the team. However, there are players available and coming available that could better the Jags situation.

The depth at Jacksonville's quarterback position is laughable, at best. Generally speaking however, if you lose your starting quarterback in the NFL you're not going to go very far. Then there's the old addage that if you have two quarterbacks you have none.

On Jacksonville's roster they currently have returning starter David Garrard, back up journeyman Todd Bouman, Paul Smith who spent his first season on the practice squad, and rookie undrafted free agent Todd Boeckman. Last year's back up Cleo Lemon was released after the Jaguars offseason OTA's. Many expected Lemon to be released, as he had a very big salary hit for a back up player who also happened to be terrible. Many believed Todd Bouman outperformed Cleo Lemon last season in training camp and the preseason, in which Bouman was released, but that's not saying a lot.

If Jacksonville is really looking to bolster the depth and competitiveness of the quarterback position, which they've seemingly done at every other position on the roster, there are a few players out there and a couple who could come available that would be much better additions to the roster than Todd Bouman, Paul Smith, and Todd Boeckman.

Brian Griese: The former Bronco, Bear, Dolphin, and Buccaneer was released last week. Griese would offer a much better option at the back up quarterback position than Todd Bouman. For one, he's had experience as a team's starting quarterback as he has 83 starts in his career. Griese shouldn't really cost the team any more than Todd Bouman, better yet he could actually push starting quarterback David Garrard.

Tarvaris Jackson: Now, I know most people will look at his name and laugh. Jackson doesn't have a very good stigma with the common NFL fan. However if you've watch Jackson play, it's hard to deny his physical tools. Unfortunately for Jackson, he was rushed to the starting position and he's suffered because of it. With Brett Farve coming to Minnesota, they've got to part ways with either Sage Rosenfels, John David Booty, or Tarvaris. Rumor has it Jackson will ask for a trade. Jackson would fit well in Jacksonville's system and could sit behind David Garrard and refine his skills. His skillset is very similar to David Garrard, but he's a bit more athletic, only 26, and has just as big of an arm. Jackson shouldn't cost much more than a late round pick and his salary is moderate.

J.P. Losman: The former Bills first-round pick and starting quarterback was ran out of Buffalo in favor of impressive rookie quarterback Trent Edwards. Similar to Tarvaris Jackson, most people to take this suggestion as a joke, but it isn't. While J.P. Losman wasn't overly impressive while he was in Buffalo, he wasn't terrible either. Losman started one full season in Buffalo and finished up completeing 62.5% of his passes, throwing for 3,000 yards with 19 touchdowns and 14 interceptions. This was also back when the Bills didn't really have a running game and their only receiving threat was Lee Evans. Losman turned 28 this past March, so he's a bit older than most would like, but quarterbacks generally play until their mid-30's.

All three of these quarterbacks would seem to be able to at least push Jacksonville starter David Garrard. It's somewhat of a head-scratcher that the Jaguars have been all about depth and competition at every position except quarterback. It's possible the Jaguars brass are tossing the proverbial keys to the truck to starter David Garrard and letting him sink or swim, but it's a bit discouraging for the future with a team who looks to be rebuilding with a 31-year old signal caller.

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