Ask Charlie: Your Jaguars Questions Answered Editor-in-Chief Charlie Bernstein answers the questions that are plaguing JagNation. From defensive line questions to team marketing, we answer it all.

(Woz75) With the recent announcement of the jags games being blacked out on the local market do you think preseason black outs have as much impact to the team as blackouts during the regular season?

Preseason blackouts really aren't that big of a deal, and it could actually be a good thing for the franchise. Perhaps some of the "hardcore" fans that are on the fence about buying tickets and have found themselves comfortable with the convenience of staying home may "pull the trigger" on some seats.

(Jakesw) What do you think is going to happen to (Plaxico) Burress? Will we see him play in the NFL again? If so, what team?

I believe if Roger Goodell had his druthers, Plaxico Burress, Michael Vick, and Donte Stallworth wouldn't play another snap in the league. That said, he will be in the league sometime this year and there are plenty of teams that will court his services. The Jets, Bears, Bucs, Seahawks, Vikings, and Titans could all be players for Burress.

(Cathousecrazy) My question is about the ‘09 Jags situation at DT. I hope Big Hen comes to Jesus, but if he doesn't is there any reason to think this roster has quality starter potential? I have read that after we signed Atiyyah Ellison that the 49'ers D-Line coach said we signed the most talented DL they had. He seems to have had good reviews in the spring and I like what I hear about his mean streak and edge. Is he legit? We all have read about the bigger, stronger Landri. Can he be a #1? Did Rob Meier just get old last year or is there any left in his tank? What about Knighton? I read that we took him in round 3 because The Big Tuna was about to take him and he was the last big man DT we had rated as starter quality. Is he? Is it all doom if Big John is a Big Disappointment?

Okay, I'm not sure Henderson will be all that effective or even a member of the team when they open the season in Indianapolis. He's a veteran whose best years' appear behind him, and being in Jack Del Rio's proverbial "doghouse" isn't good for longevity. As for the others, Ellison, Landri, and Knighton all were solid in OTA's, but you truly can't judge players in the trenches until the pads come on.

(SuperEWD) I have question about Rob Meier. How healthy was he after the beginning of the year? In the first couple of games he played much better than he did after he injured his knee, I believe. Did his game just fall off, or was that injury more of a factor than people outside the organization realized?

I believe that most of Meier's ineffective play came with the additional reps, as he never really was a starting defensive tackle or got any regular snaps as more than a situational guy. To put it simply, Meier is best in a lesser role.

(Woz75) I just read on PFT that they consider Michael Vick to be a better QB than David (Garrard), your thoughts?

Vick was certainly a better scrambler and playmaker, but he hasn't played in two years and when he did play he was regressing as a passer. Garrard is the epitome of average, and I'd take average over a guy who wasn't very effective and hasn't taken a snap as a free man since 2006.

(Jagsfan1022) I was wondering if Del Rio is on the hot seat? If they don't make strides this year is he gone, or is Wayne Weaver giving him a grace period for rebuilding the team? I think we needed more playmakers on defense, which is his forte. I like Del Rio and hope he can make this team a contender.

I would find it very difficult to believe that Jack Del Rio is on any kind of "hot seat." First off, Del Rio has plenty of years left on his new deal, and Wayne Weaver isn't in the position to pay two coaches to coach one team. On top of that, Weaver models his franchise after the Steelers, who have had three head coaches in the last 40+ years. With the team "semi-blowing up" the roster, there had to be some kind of "wink-wink" assurance that Del Rio wouldn't be held responsible for what may happen on the field in 2009.

(Jakesw) In my opinion we have to take a QB in next years draft. There is going to be some really good talent at the position and we need someone to build the new regime around. Your thoughts?

The Jaguars are the last team in the NFL to draft a quarterback (Byron Leftwich, 2003). The Colts, Steelers, and Patriots have all taken signal callers more recently than Jacksonville. By ignoring the position in the draft, they are now in a position with no real developmental guy behind a 31-year old starter who has had just one good season. Comes hell or high water, the Jaguars must take a quarterback in next year's draft, and the earlier the better.

(Tannerfox) Do you think we are doing all we can to increase marketing for our Jaguars?

By we, I'm assuming you mean the franchise. I don't believe that marketing is the sole reason for the lack of fan support, but they can certainly do a better job. There is virtually no presence in areas such as St. Johns, Flager, and Volusia counties, not to mention Orlando, the team's secondary TV market. Blaming the problems solely on marketing is ignorant, but saying that they can't possibly do more or better, is just burying your head in the sand.

(Jakesw) So do you think that Roger Goodell is doing a good job as the NFL commissioner?

I like what Goodell has done as commissioner thus far. What immediately comes to mind is the way he's handled the personal conduct policy and that could go a long way in dispelling the myth that it's a "thug" league. We will see in the next 12 months how he handles the impending labor issues and if he can help institute a rookie salary cap.

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