What the Jaguars Learned Against Miami

The Jaguars fought hard, but fell 12-9 to the Miami Dolphins in their preseason opener. Lets see how our preview compared with what actually happened.

Five most important things for the Jaguars:

1. Stay healthy.
The Jaguars didn't seem to sustain any major injuries during the game. Big plus.

2. Sharp play from the quarterback position.
That didn't really happen. David Garrard looked like the Garrard of old (and that's really not that good), and Todd Bouman was the star and he was mediocre. Paul Smith doesn't have the arm to become a starting quarterback in this league.

3. Stop the run.
Overall, the Dolphins rushed for 118 yards on 37 carries, which isn't too bad (3.2 ypc). Tackling was less than stellar, but the longest gain for the Fish came on a 14-yard reverse by Ted Ginn.

4. Pressure the passer.
The Jaguars received a solid pass rush by Derek Landri, who still looks quick at his increased weight. Landri accounted for the only sack of the game for the Jags.

5. Get open.
The Jaguars receivers did a solid job of getting open, especially Troy Williamson who led the team with four catches for 74 yards.

Players to keep your eyes on:

1. Derrick Harvey -
Harvey had a tough time with Jake Long, but was able to notch three tackles.

2. Terrance Knighton -
Knighton looked like a beast as he clogged the middle. He played much bigger than his statline of two tackles showed.

3. Derek Cox -

4. Troy Williamson -
The speedy wideout was a star for the Jags, as he shook off an early fumble to catch four passes for 74 yards.

5. Rashad Jennings -
Jennings running style was far too upright as he gained just nine yards on five carries.

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