JagNation Game Balls

Although the Jaguars looked anything but efficient during Monday night's 12-9 loss to the Dolphins, there were a few players that stood out and earned JagNation game balls.

Troy Williamson - With his livelihood clearly on the line during this training camp, Williamson shook off an early fumble to bounce back and make some tough plays. His stat-line read four catches for 74 yards, and if Williamson can play like he did Monday, he can be a legitimate contributor for the Jaguars.

Nate Hughes -
Hughes is a long-shot to make the roster, but his play will certainly make him a tough cut. Hughes showed great hands in catching three passes for 21 yards.

Zachary Miller -
The quarterback turned tight end, turned special teams demon, made a fantastic tackle on a punt return, and caught two passes for 33 yards. Miller doesn't look anything like a quarterback, as he doesn't shy away from contact at all.

Russell Allen -
The undrafted linebacker showed himself well as he was all over the field registering five tackles.

Brian Iwuh - Another young player who is looking for a roster spot was a demon on special teams and at the inside linebacker position. Iwuh registered five tackles.

Sean Considine -
The alleged weak link of the secondary looked very active as he knocked away one pass and recorded three tackles.

Derek Landri -
The Jaguars young lineman played both inside and outside in the team's 3-4, and was able to pressure the passer from both spots. Landri put on weight in the offseason, and it hasn't affected his speed any as he had a very disruptive day, registering three tackles and a sack.

Atiyyah Ellison -
The journeyman nose tackle held up well at the point of attack and sucked up blocks in the team's 3-4. Ellison played much bigger than his one tackle stat-line would suggest.

Terrance Knighton -
Knighton did what a nose tackle should do, and that's suck up blocks and take up space in the middle. Knighton, like Ellison played much bigger than his two tackle stat-line suggested.

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