Senior Bowl Losers

Brent Foshee comes back with part two of his article, focusing on those who disappointed last week in Mobile and did not play up to expectation at Senior Bowl practices.

While many players at last weeks senior bowl took the opportunity to separate themselves from their peers, not everyone "seized the day". By rook or by crook many players were outhustled, overmatched, or just simply outplayed by their counterparts. These players, may of whom had fine collegiate careers, now find themselves needing to demonstrate superior athletic skills at the combines and impress teams during their one on one interviews.

1) Andre Woofolk/CB-Oklahoma: Woofolk really didn't play that poorly yet finds himself being the only victim of Marcus Trufants meteoric rise. Woofolk is big and strong, but is not fluid and does tend to come out of his backpedal early. He lacks the great break on the ball that great CB's have and his overall speed is now being questioned. He's still a first round pick, but he's far behind Trufant at this point.

2)Brett Williams/OT-FSU: Williams had trouble all week. He played tall and did not show great balance on a consistent basis. Williams had a difficult time getting out to the second level to make blocks. When he got to his man he had trouble blocking him. He was soundly beaten to the outside many times during drills and was also unable to stop most bull rushing attempts by the larger ends making him a question mark on both sides of the line.

3) Talman Gardner/WR-FSU: Gardner clearly has the athletic skills needed to excel at WR in the NFL. It is his concentration, effort, and fundamentals that need work. Sloppy route running and body catches became synonymous with Gardner during this past week. He had many more dropped passes than he should have and as a result of last week he was passed by a number of lesser talented WR's in many scouts eyes.

4) Tyler Brayton/DE- Colorado: Brayton is not a very strong player and is only fast in a straight line. He does a nice job of getting either upfield or down the line when he's unencumbered but has difficulty coming off blocks once engaged. He showed no countermoves all week and is essentially taken out of the play once engaged in a block. Tall and thin he had difficulty holding his ground against the run and was even handled by TE's during practice.

5) Shane Walton/CB- Notre Dame: While Walton ended the week with some exciting play during the game itself his week at practice was not as flashy. He was soundly beaten consistently during scrimmages. He fixates on the QB early in plays, comes out of his backpedal far too early, and once the WR is past him he does not turn around to find the ball. He deserves credit for finishing strong and has at least shown that he can make plays. However, when 15 balls come at you each game you need to make more than 1 play.

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