Jaguars Game Notes

The Jaguars fell to the Philadelphia Eagles 33-32 in their third preseason game. What did we see during the game? Here are the JagNation notes.

1st Quarter-

Jags offense is all check down. Waiting for them to actually take a shot downfield. Offensive line looks bad, Meester whiffed and the interior isn't moving anyone. Jones-Drew is a beast, as he has accounted for nearly all the yardage on the Jags third drive.

Defense is mostly playing 3-4, and they're doing a solid job of stopping the run. Getting pressure on the passer is a different story. They've hit McNabb a little, but they are doing it by blitzing. Tyrone Brackenridge continues to impress, and Derrick Harvey has been more than solid. Great play by Harvey as he ran down Michael Vick.

Special teams coverage is better; return game is still mediocre.

2nd quarter-

Garrard still refuses to throw into the end zone. Good catch by Hughes on the touchdown, I hope he's okay. He took a nasty shot by UCF alum Asante Samuel.

7-3 Jags

Mathis is playing more physical tonight. The Vick option looks horrible; this is why they don't run option in the NFL. Iwuh is all over the field.

Garrard takes another sack; Del Rio doesn't look impressed. Garrard misses Holt wide open, Jags are bailed out by an illegal contact penalty. Chauncey Washington continues to show well. Asante Samuel is very physical for the Eagles. He's really one of the best corners in the game. Eugene Monroe is doing a nice job since getting flagged for a very iffy holding penalty. Garrard picked by Asante Samuel, terrible throw. Samuel read the route and Garrard predetermined where he was going to go with the ball without looking.

Good pressure again by Jags, Mcnabb does a better job of escaping. Brian Williams with another blown coverage; poor job of tackling. No pressure from the blitz, McNabb picks them apart. Jags defense scores a touchdown as Iwuh picks up a lateral and rumbles 93 yards.

14-3 Jags

Jags are offsides on the kickoff. Their special teams were playing well up until then.

Jags 3-4 looks good with Knighton as nose. Henderson is outside holding his own. Iwuh is all over the field. He just stripped Kyle Eckel and Starks picks it up.

Garrard completes another screen. Stick to what he's good at. On a play that never happened due to a false start penalty, Chauncey Washington picks up the blitz by dropping Trent Cole on his rear end. Garrard finally completes a ball downfield (15 yards), then it gets knocked out of Torry Holt's hands by Asante Samuel (who is playing a man's game).

Scobee good from 49 yards.

17-3 Jags

Two-minute drill for Philly. Jags D isn't getting any pressure by rushing just four. Big time throw by McNabb on the deep out to Jackson. He fit it over Williams and under Brackenridge. McNabb picking apart the defense..great throw to Jason Avant to the 2-yard line. Nelson is late on coverage. Considine with a good pass breakup on 1st down. Good coverage by Starks on 2nd down. Brackenridge with a nice play on a 3rd down fade. Jags hold defense to three.

17-6 Half

Third quarter-

Chauncey Washington fumbles on the first possession. Eagles offense cashes in on three plays.

17-13 Jags

Big 56-yard return by Brian Witherspoon. That may have saved his job. Bouman in at QB and hits Marcedes Lewis with a nice throw DOWN THE FIELD (28 yards). Chauncey Washington has nowhere to run up the middle. Jaguars may have used all their allotted luck for the season up in this game as Pearman loses control of the ball and Brad Meester recovers in the end zone for a TD. Play is overturned, Jags will attempt a short FG.

20-13 Jags

Nice play by Gerald Alexander as he picks off Donovan McNabb. He returns it to the 8. Bouman finds Jarett Dillard in the end zone for a touchdown. Nice throw by Bouman, better catch by Dillard.

27-13 Jags

Scobee kicks off out of bounds, ruining an otherwise perfect night. Montavious Stanley with a nice batted ball. Nelson misses a tackle on a McNabb scramble. If Nelson wasn't a former first-round pick, his job would be in jeopardy. McNabb is starting to expose the Jags backups on D. McNabb to Malay for a short touchdown. James Wyche let the fullback go and went after McNabb unsuccessfully.

27-20 Jags

It's backups vs. backups, and Mo Williams is one of the backup linemen. I think it's clear that Uche Nwaneri has passed him by for the starting guard position. Jags having trouble moving the ball on the ground running between the tackles. Bouman with a wild throw to Peterson. It's debatable that the Jaguars may have the worst set of quarterbacks in the NFL.

Witherspoon with a nice special teams tackle. He's having a big night.

Kevin Kolb in at QB. His first pass attempt falls incomplete, but Kolb is called for intentional grounding in the end zone resulting in a safety. Pressure was applied by second-year linebacker Thomas Williams.

Fourth quarter-

29-20 Jags

Jags take over on offense. Bouman checks down, but he gets the ball out of his hands quickly. He still has no business on the field in a game that counts. Jags backup offense is starting to take over the line of scrimmage against the Philly backups. Jags drive stalls at the Philly 31. Scobee good from 49.

32-20 Jags

Special teams breakdown! Big punt return by Danny Amendola (40 yards).

It's end of the roster time, lets see if anyone stands out. Kennard Cox drops an interception that hit him between the two and the six. That's why he plays in the secondary and not wide receiver. Kevin Kolb doesn't look like a former second-round pick. Brian Witherspoon blankets another receiver. He's had a fantastic night. Russell Allen pressures the passer. At this point I can't imagine him not making the team, at the very least practice squad.

Kolb to Reggie Brown, great throw through a tight window. Both Kolb and Brown have plenty to prove.

32-27 Jags

Paul Smith into the game. He needs to do something to prove he's worthy of at least a practice squad position. Smith is picked off on his first throw. The pass was behind Todd Peterson and the ball popped up in the air. Easy interception by Bryan Smith.

Kolb sacked by Derek Landri. Coverage sack nullified by an illegal hands to the face penalty on Atiyyah Ellison. Pressure on Kolb, Derek Landri sniffs out a screen pass and breaks it up. Jags defense holds as Thomas Williams makes a sure tackle on a short pass. 35-yard FG by Akers is good.

32-30 Jags

Paul Smith needs to lead his team to a first down here. Smith runs a draw on 3rd down and the Jags get two yards. I don't think he has what it takes to play at this level.

One last drive for Philly. Kolb hits Eugene Bright for 28 yards. Kolb to Bright again for 10. 2-minute warning. Kolb completes a screen to Buckley, Eagles in FG range. Draw play gets them in sure FG range. Looks like the Eagle fans will go home happy according to the scoreboard. Akers kicks a 34-yard game winner

33-32 Eagles

Stay tuned for our JagNation Inside the Numbers game breakdown.

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