JagNation Game Balls

It's time to hand out the game balls for Thursday nights preseason game against the Philadelphia Eagles. There were quite a few players who had good nights, but there are 3 in particular that should be singled out for exceptional play.

Brian Iwuh - I don't know how anyone could watch the game last night and not come away impressed with his performance. He was in on nearly every tackle in the first half of the game. I'm not even counting his very heady 92-yard scoop and score play on a backwards pass by Donovan McNabb. Iwuh led the team in tackles with seven and snuffed out most of the Eagles running plays. He was also in on another fumble which he helped cause. Linebacker is the deepest position on the Jaguars defense, and Iwuh has shown the past few games if either Ingram, Smith, or Durant go down he can step right in without a lost step.

Terrance Knighton - From draft day "Huh?" to the Jaguars most dominant defensive lineman. Not many knew who Knighton was the day he was drafted and the team took plenty of criticism from fans, but it looks like they knew what they were doing. Knighton is a plugger in the 4-3 at DT, but he excels at the 3-4 NT position. He dominated the Eagles interior linemen, specifically their center Jamaal Jackson. Knighton is going to be the main reason the Jaguars go more towards the 3-4 look, he can dominate at the nose tackle position.

Tyrone Brackenridge - I'm still trying to figure out why he was released from both the Kansas City Chiefs and New York Jets. I'm almost to the point of wanting to see him start over Brian Williams until Derrick Cox is healthy. He had excellent coverage most of the night against the Eagles and wasn't afraid to come up in run support.

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