JagNation's Inside the Numbers

There's much more to the preseason than the final score. With that said, JagNation delves into numbers that were perhaps more telling than what the scoreboard said.

The Jaguars finally got on the winning track and they looked functional on both offense and defense. Looking on the sunny side of things, let's begin with the good.

The good:

- Mike Sims-Walker- Playing in his first game this preseason, Sims-Walker caught four passes for 63 yards and a touchdown. He was clearly the star of the game and looked like the Jaguars most polished receiver. As always, ability isn't an issue with Mike, but durability. Let's hope he can stay healthy, the kid deserves a break.

- Tyron Brackenridge- Brackenridge has been a star since the beginning of camp, and it's hard to imagine that someone didn't make a mistake in both New York and Kansas City when he was let go. Brackenridge had the play of the game on special teams, forcing a fumble that Tiquan Underwood picked up and scored on. Brackenridge also covered well and his play should make Brian Williams and his $4 million salary expendable.

- Pass protection- The Jaguars offensive line was stellar all night long, and the only two sacks Washington recorded was when David Garrard held the ball for eight seconds.

- David Garrard's accuracy- Garrard was very accurate on underneath passes as well as the few shots he took down-field.

- Special teams coverage- We've been waiting for a solid game from special teams, and we finally got one. No big returns for the 'Skins.

- Josh Scobee-This is a preseason-long achievement as Scobee has been down the middle on his field goals and long on his kickoffs. Excellent start to what we believe will be a great season for Scobee.

- Run defense- The Jags run defense (and defense overall) was stingy. They allowed just 57 yards on 19 carries.

- Terrance Knighton- Knighton looks like a veteran in the middle in both the 4-3 and 3-4. He played much bigger than his one tackle statline would suggest.

- Adam Podlesh- Podlesh put the punting competition to rest as he boomed a 53-yard punt on his only attempt.

- Derek Cox- Playing in his first game as a pro, the rookie was very impressive both in coverage and run support. Cox tallied three tackles, one of which went for a loss. He should be the opening day starter at corner.

- Brian Witherspoon- 'Spoon was solid at corner and returned his only kickoff 30 yards. He earned a roster spot with his play in the last two weeks.

- Quentin Groves- Groves was a man against the Redskins as he recorded two tackles and a sack. He was also big on special teams.

The not so good:

- Maurice Jones-Drew's leg- MJD suffered a leg contusion that could cause him to miss the season opener. If there's one player that the Jags can't afford to be without, it's Jones-Drew.

- David Garrard's head- Garrard was very accurate on Thursday, but his head still didn't move. He went from the first read to sack far too often, missing wide open guys.

- Jaguars offensive production- The first-team offense scored a pair of field goals and cashed in on a touchdown on a drive that went all of 15 yards against backups.

- No pressure (in the 4-3)- The Jaguars defense couldn't apply much pressure all game long, especially when the 'Skins starters were in.

- Derrick Harvey- Harvey showed signs of coming alive at the end of last season, but he really hasn't progressed enough to make anyone believe he'll be a double-digit sack guy.

- Too much underneath- The Jags checked down far too often and David Garrard seems afraid to throw the football into the end zone. That won't play out well in the regular season.


There was plenty to like for Jaguars fans, but keep in mind that most of the good stuff came against the NFC East's last-place team's backups. Special teams took a big step forward and the defense played with great energy. The offensive line was excellent with the rookies starting and David Garrard didn't make any crippling mistakes.

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