Analyzing the Cuts

The Jaguars trimmed their roster from 75 to 53, and more than a few of the moves were eye-opening. JagNation gives expert analysis on how the Jaguars pruned their team.

The no-brainers:

Todd Boeckman, Brock Bolen, Todd Peterson, Johnny Williams, Alvin Pearman, Steve Weatherford, and Marlon McCree.

Boeckman was an emergency quarterback for the final preseason game, but could possibly be signed to the practice squad. Bolen had some opportunities in the preseason, especially in the last game, but didn't make much of a positive impact as he was victim to a holding call in the first quarter. Peterson was a victim of numbers at his wide receiver position, and didn't do anything to stand out. Williams didn't flash enough. Pearman continues to have a problem with ball security and he doesn't offer anything that the other backs can't already do. Weatherford was defeated in an open punting competition. McCree had a solid opportunity to earn a spot, but didn't stand out.

Young guys with potential:

Pete Ittersagen, Jeremy Navarre, Cameron Stephenson, Josh Vaughan, Cecil Newton, Michael Desormeaux, and Tiquan Underwood.

It's possible that each of these guys could earn a spot on the Jaguars practice squad. Ittersagen and Desormeaux had some positive moments in the secondary. Navarre didn't flash, but looks like he fits a 3-4 defense. Stephenson and Newton served themselves well. Vaughan ran hard all preseason. Underwood is the only Jaguars draft pick not to earn a roster spot, and he is a lock to be on the practice squad.

Just not quite good enough:

Richard Angulo, Tim Shaw, Thomas Williams

Angulo is a solid blocker, but the team opted to keep former Jaguar Ernest Wilford in his place. Shaw played hard, but was a victim of numbers at linebacker. Williams was a solid special teams player in 2008, but couldn't raise up his game enough to warrant a roster spot just one year after being selected in the fifth round.

All about the Benjamin's:

Tony Pashos, Brian Williams, Joe Zelenka

Pashos underachieved last season and the selection of Eben Britton in the second round made him expendable. In a last-ditch effort to save his job, Pashos was tried out the right guard position, but the team apparently decided to keep veteran Maurice Williams instead. The release of Pashos saves the team nearly $4.5 million (Mo Williams is due to earn $2.5 million).

Brian Williams had a down year in 2008 and the strong showing in training camp of Derek Cox in addition to the struggles Williams had in preseason led to his release. Williams was brought in to the Jaguars personnel offices to see if he would take a pay cut, but he refused. Williams was due a $4 million salary.

Joe Zelenka was released for a slightly younger, cheaper replacement in Jeremy Cain. Cain supposedly covered kicks a little better than the Jaguars most colorful personality.

Overall: Pashos and Williams simply weren't good enough to justify their salaries, and their younger replacements were outplaying them during camp. Zelenka's release doesn't make a ton of sense being that the guy they are replacing him with is just five years younger.

They must be up to something:

Chauncey Washington fumbled in preseason, but he showed some legitimate running skills. Washington certainly appeared good enough to play in the NFL and with the team keeping just two true half backs, the Jaguars must have their eyes on another player.


Rob Meier was placed on the team's injured reserve and will miss the season. Meier's shoulder injury may have saved his salary as he wasn't standing out much in the preseason. Meier will be 33 before the season opener in 2010, and his future with the Jaguars is certainly in doubt.


Welcome to rebuilding! The Jags are going young, and they saved roughly $10 million with their moves. For a team in transition that has trouble selling tickets, that money will help. If the Jaguars were coming off a winning season, it's more than likely that neither Pashos, Williams, Zelenka, or Angulo would've been released.

The probable next cut will be quarterback Todd Bouman, who was replaced by former Tampa Bay Buc, Luke McCown, who the Jaguars traded an undisclosed 2010 draft pick for. The McCown move clearly puts quarterback David Garrard on notice, as his 2010 salary is nearly $8 million. The Jaguars have a younger quarterback to develop if Garrard plays poorly like he has in six of his seven professional seasons.

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