Jaguars Game Notes

Notes from the Jaguars season opener against the Indianapolis Colts


Interesting that the two rookie WR's are inactive. They must trust Hughes more than Thomas and Dillard.

Jags must throw on 1st downs, as the Colts will be loading up the box to stop MJD.

Opening possession- Colts ball

Manning and the Colts drive down the field with relative ease against a mix of the 3-4 and 4-3. Drive stalls when Manning tries to pick on rookie Derek Cox and he picks off a ball in the end zone. Great play.

Jags ball:

Screens, screens, and more screens. Jags are using muscle to get some first downs. Drive ends when Garrard throws check down two yards short of 1st.

Colts second possession they are dinking and dunking down the field. Anthony Gonzalez goes down with a knee injury that looks bad, we'll see how that affects them. Sean Considine drops an easy interception, that may hurt them.

First quarter over: scoreless

Colts complete long out to Wayne with Cox and Nelson in coverage. Derek Cox picks up an Addai fumble, he's special.

Jags have the ball, their offense is completely revolving around MJD. MJD left, swing pass to MJD. Garrard has completed his first six passes, none of which have been longer than 5 yards in air. Jones-Drew with a big run to get the Jags in scoring position. Offensive line is doing a great job. Dropped pass by Estandia, followed by a misfire by Garrard and the Jags settle for a 24-yard Josh Scobee FG. 3-0 Jags.

Colts defense looks soft.

Jags sack Manning on 1st down, Colts still convert on a long ball to Reggie Wayne. Manning to Clark moves the ball into the red zone. Joseph Addai gashes the Jags on the ground and finally scores from three yards out. 7-3 Colts.

Garrard completes a nice pass in the seam to Torry Holt to get the Jags into Indy territory. Garrard then escapes from a possible sack and finds Greg Jones for a nine-yard gain. Garrard is playing well, but you just have the feeling that a mistake may be coming. Jags interior line is blowing Indy off the ball, Jags are moving. Mistake came, but Garrard gets away with it as Jerraud Powers drops an INT. Drive stalls, long FG attempt by Scobee (46 yards) is good. Colts 7, Jags 6.

One last chance before halftime for Manning with less than a minute left. Manning's drive stalls near mid-field. Scobee tries a 63-yard FG as the half expires, but it's short. Good first half for Jags.

Halftime score: Colts 7, Jags 6.

Jags open the second half with a nice throw by Garrard to Holt to get the Jags into Indy territory. Drive stalls when Troy Williamson slips to the ground on third down and the pass falls incomplete.

Colts picking up first downs with relative ease. Short passing game leads to a 35-yard score on play-action from Manning to Reggie Wayne. Reggie Nelson bit on yet another play fake. Colts 14, Jags 6.

Three and out by Jags. This is a dangerous time.

Jags defense holds, forces the first Indy punt of the game.

Play-calling is getting predictable, Colts are stacking the line to stop Jones-Drew. Another three and out, Garrard has thrown five straight incompletions.

Colts take over on Jax 34. Jags D stymies the Colts and Adam Vinatieri misses a 51-yard FG. Jags take over in great field position.

Another incompletion by Garrard, he's erratic right now. Great runs by MJD to get the Jags into Colts territory.

End of 3rd quarter; Score: Colts 14, Jags 6.

Jones-Drew picks up two more first downs running, and Garrard hits Marcedes Lewis in the seam to get the Jags into the red zone. They have to punch it in here. Jags run three times and get stopped. They line up to go on 4th and 2, Colts call timeout. Jags toss to MJD go goes untouched to pay-dirt. This just in, he's good. Two-point conversion attempt fails. Colts 14, Jags 12.

Colts take over and promptly hit Reggie Wayne again for a first down. Wayne has 9 catches for 152 and a TD. Jags are back in 4-3 and Indy is picking it apart. Jags defense stiffens, and Colts are forced to punt. McAfee kicks a beauty which is downed at the one.

Jags go three and out, Garrard scrambles on 3rd down and comes up short. Jags must punt and stop Indy if they are going to have a last hurrah.

Colts promptly pick up a pair of first downs, clock is running at 4 minutes and counting. Jags hold on 3rd and short. Decision time for Indy on 4th and less than one from the Jags 35. Indy goes and are stopped short. Jags ball with 2 mins remaining and one timeout.

Check down to Jones-Drew for a couple yards, then another check down incomplete. Garrard pressured on 3rd and 4th down and throws incomplete. Line didn't help Garrard much, but he has no pocket presence.

Final score: Colts 14, Jags 12.

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