Jaguars: What We Learned Against Indy

The Jaguars fell to the Indianapolis Colts, 14-12 in their season opener. Let's see how our keys to victory played out in the game.

Five most important things for the Jaguars:

1. Play loose. The Jaguars didn't look tight at all, and put up a good fight against a heavy favorite.

2. Run the ball/control the clock.
The Jaguars made Maurice Jones-Drew the focal point of their offense, but it wasn't enough as the Colts controlled TOP, 33:56-26:04.

3. Block the ends. Eugene Monroe had his hands full with Dwight Freeney, as expected, but they didn't do a horrible job.

4. Make Manning move around. Manning had plenty of time in the pocket, and he was only sacked once. Other than the sack by Hayward, I don't believe a Jaguars defender laid a hand on him.

5. Convert third downs/no turnovers. The Jags didn't commit a turnover, which helped them stay close. They were only six of 15 on third down, and that wasn't good enough.

What to look for:

1. Screens and draws from the Jaguars offense- The Jags screened plenty early on, and Maurice Jones-Drew was the entire offense.

2. Two or more combined sacks from Mathis and Freeney-
Freeney recorded one sack and quite a few pressures, and Mathis was shut down for the most part by Eben Britton. Nice job by the rookie.

3. Look for MJD to go over 100 yards with a TD- Jones-Drew had 21 carries for 97 yards on the ground with a touchdown, and caught five more passes for 26 yards. Jones-Drew accounted for 123 of the team's 228 yards (54%).

4. Look for a big return by Brian Witherspoon-
Witherspoon averaged 27.5 yards per kickoff return, nothing spectacular.

5. Look for Garrard to throw for over 200 yards. Nope. Nearly everything Garrard threw were check downs and underneath passes. He finished 14 of 28 for 122 yards.

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