Changes on the Horizon for Jaguars

Over the last several days there has been plenty of talk around "The Jack," and much of it is circling around Jaguars starting quarterback David Garrard.

Some of the issues became public on Monday during head coach Jack Del Rio's press conference when he was questioned about David Garrard's play against Indianapolis. Normally, Del Rio has been very defensive about criticism to his quarterback, but on this day he was not.

"He missed some things yesterday," Del Rio said. "I don't think there's any question. We had Nate down the seam. We had Troy (Williamson). When plays are there, you have to take advantage of them. There are some things we felt we could've done better. There are things they feel they could've done better, too."

Those are pretty scathing remarks from a guy who has been so supportive of his quarterback and those remarks further the notion that many experts have that David Garrard does not see the whole field. Many times offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter has been criticized for what most would call "poor" or conservative play calling, but if the quarterback isn't seeing the entire field, what is he supposed to do? Koetter was interviewed on a local Jacksonville afternoon radio show on the Friday prior to the Indianapolis game, and he wasn't very flattering of his quarterback.

At one point, Koetter was asked by the host to convince him that he has been overly critical of Garrard and why he was wrong. It took Dirk Koetter roughly five to seven minutes of beating around the bush to essentially say, "I'm paid to make Garrard better, and I'm doing all I can with what I have."

This isn't the first time Dirk Koetter has thrown out lightly veiled criticism of the quarterback. Last season when questioned about passing the ball down the field early in the season, Koetter maintained that his receivers were getting behind the defense and were being missed. If that's not a direct shot at the abilities of the quarterback, I don't know what is.

We've heard rumblings from our sources within the organization that the staff is growing tired and impatient with David Garrard. We've even heard some rumblings that some of his teammates are beginning to get impatient. In a post game interview, Torry Holt questioned why there were not more "9 routes" (a simple deep route) being run. This could wind up being a very touchy situation if David Garrard does not improve over the next two weeks. Jacksonville traded for Luke McCown, and with a team that's clearly rebuilding, it could be just a matter of how long it takes him to get the offense down before he trots on to the field under center.

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