NFL Power Rankings

Week one is in the books, and lets see how our power rankings have changed.

1. New York Giants- Previous ranking: (3)

Didn't play their best game, but still handled a division rival.

2. New England Patriots- Previous ranking: (1)

Pats played poorly and should've lost. That said, they force the big turnover and Tom Brady does what he does best, sticks a knife in opponents' hearts.

3. Pittsburgh Steelers- Previous ranking: (6)

Offensive line is going to force Ben to miss some games. That said, everything else is very good.

4. Green Bay Packers- Previous ranking: (4)

Defense is better than expected. Offensive line is an issue.

5. Tennessee Titans- Previous ranking: (5)

Lost a fluky game to the champs which automatic kicker Rod Bironas misses two semi-easy field goals. That won't happen much.

6. Philadelphia Eagles- Previous ranking: (7)

Lets see how they do without McNabb.

7. San Diego Chargers- Previous ranking: (2)

Secondary looked bad against Oakland. L.T. is a shell of himself.

8. Baltimore Ravens- Previous ranking: (8)

Defense played poorly for their standards, but Flacco is much more than a game manager.

9. Atlanta Falcons- Previous ranking: (14)

Matt Ryan is special, defense was opportunistic.

10. New Orleans Saints- Previous ranking: (10)

They beat Detroit, we still have no idea how good they are.

11. Minnesota Vikings- Previous ranking: (11)

Favre is great at handing off to the best running back on the planet.

12.Indianapolis Colts- Previous ranking: (9)

Defense looks soft, passing game may struggle against better teams.

13. Buffalo Bills- Previous ranking: (13)

Were one fumble away from busting into the top 10. Who loses better games on MNF?

14. New York Jets- Previous ranking: (21)

Mark Sanchez can play, that defense looked awesome.

15. Seattle Seahawks- Previous ranking (15)

Incomplete ranking due to beating up on St. Louis.

16. Dallas Cowboys- Previous ranking: (16)

They can score, they can rush the passer. Can they do the little things right?

17. San Francisco 49ers- Previous ranking: (27)

Shaun Hill looks like an NFL quarterback. Patrick Willis is the best linebacker in the game.

18. Chicago Bears- Previous ranking: (17)

Bears defense looked good, but can they be good without Urlacher?

19. Washington Redskins- Previous ranking: (25)

Solid team all the way around. Portis is on the decline and they need to find another playmaker.

20. Oakland Raiders- Previous ranking: (24)

Played a great game Monday night and were screwed on a call (legitimately Al Davis). Raiders could win 8 games.

21.Houston Texans- Previous ranking: (12)

Texans need the O-line to play better, and the secondary is bad.

22.Carolina Panthers- Previous ranking: (18)

How's that Delhomme extension looking?

23. Miami Dolphins- Previous ranking: (23)

Parcells needs to make the switch to Henne sooner rather than later.

24. Arizona Cardinals- Previous ranking: (20)

Super Bowl hangover in full effect.

25. Jacksonville Jaguars- Previous ranking: (26)

Jags defense was very good against Indy, still need a quarterback.

26. Denver Broncos- Previous ranking: (32)

Won on a miracle play. If they beat the Browns this week they will be the worst 2-0 team in the history of the game.

27. Cincinnati Bengals- Previous ranking: (19)

Lost in a heartbreaker to a terrible Denver team. Why were they that close?

28. Kansas City Chiefs- Previous ranking: (22)

Brodie Croyle wasn't horrible against a great Baltimore defense. Their defense looks horrible though.

29.Cleveland Browns- Previous ranking: (28)

Defense is horrible. Offense isn't much better.

30. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Previous ranking: (27)

Offense looked pretty good, defense can't stop anyone.

31. Detroit Lions- Previous ranking: (29)

At least they scored against New Orleans.

32. St. Louis Rams- Previous ranking: (31)

Possibly a worse than team I thought, and I thought they were capable of 0-16.

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