Jaguars vs. Cardinals: Game Notes

Notes from the mismatch that was the Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Arizona Cardinals.


- 30 minutes prior to kickoff and the place is a ghost town. I'm hoping that a lot of the patrons are inside the tunnels seeking cover from what appears to be clearing up skies.

- 10 minutes prior and the place is really filling up. What I mean by that is it's about 25% full.

- Last second fantasy scare. Wes Welker is out and I couldn't figure out how to move him. I called the commish and he helped me out. Big ups to you Wade.

- Introduction time- offense; Eugene Monroe is first, loudest ovation obviously for Maurice Jones-Drew.

- Flyover gets the crowd excited, my best guess is that there's about 38K in attendance.

- Cards win the toss, they will receive. Let's get it on!

1st Quarter

- Cards take over on their own 26

- Henderson stops Hightower after a gain of one; Jags start out 4-3. Short bubble screen to Boldin for 10 yards and a 1st down. Missed tackle by Nelson. Warner to Boldin again for 14. Warner took a big hit by Mathis on a corner blitz. Jags in 3-4 now. Quick pass to Boldin again, gain of six. Big third and one coming. Warner hits Fitzgerald on the slant. It looks like easy pitch and catch right now. Nice play by Harvey on a stop of Hightower. Beanie Wells gashes the Jags for 17. Cards are inside the red zone. Wells again for nine yards. Jags D-line is getting pounded. Wells carries then fumbles at the one, recovered by Cards. Hightower walks in from one-yard. Cards 7, Jags 0.

- Beanie Wells was the difference as he showed explosive ability to get through the holes. Jags need to answer on this drive with something positive.


Jags start from their own 26

- Jags go empty backfield and Garrard hits Lewis in the seam, but Lewis can't come down with the ball. MJD with a big run for 36 yards, as he cut the ball back beautifully. Garrard then hits Holt over the middle for 19 yards, and the Jags are in the red zone. Two runs by MJD, then a wide receiver screen from Garrard to Mike Sims-Walker goes nowhere, as Garrard delivered the ball late and low. Scobee knocks in the field goal from 36. Cards 7, Jags 3.

- Jags started off great, then they got conservative in the red zone. One poor pass stalls the drive. Still, points are good.

Cards start from their own 20 (touchback)

- Warner finds Becht on 1st down for 16. He had all day to look. Warner really goes through his progressions well. Jags back in 4-3. Nelson misses a tackle which allows a big gain by Hightower. Warner hits Breaston for 18 and a first down. Fumble forced by Mathis, Cards recover. Warner hits Boldin short of the first. Rackers connects from 46 yards. Cards 10, Jags 3.

- 8-53-4:38.

End of first quarter

2nd Quarter

Jags start from their own 20

- False start penalty puts the Jags behind the sticks. Another false start by Maurice Williams puts the Jags in a 2nd and 17. Garrards pass batted down, leaving a 3rd and long. Garrard holds the ball and escapes, then checks down to Holt. Fumble on the punt return, Jags take over on the Cards 26. Big break.

Garrard holds the ball on first down, scrambles then fumbles. Jags recover, then Garrard runs into MJD. After a missed PI call on 3rd down, Jags are forced into a long field goal. FG blocked and Antrel Rolle returns it 83 yards for a touchdown. Cards 14, Jags 3.

- Did that just happen?

Jags start from their own 20

- Garrard holds the ball, this is bad. He looks erratic and indecisive. It's getting bad. Another three and out.

Cards start from their own 29

- Big series for the Jags defense. 3-4 look. Warner finds Breaston, then Hightower runs for 11. They can do anything they want. Hold on first down sets the Cards back. Jags stop on 3rd, 4th and 1. Huge play. Warner hits Hightower out of the backfield for the first. Big break by the Jags. Beanie Wells fumbles and Mathis returns it to the Arizona 34. Play is being challenged. Mathis was touched back on the Jags own 21.

Jags start from their own 21

- After an offsides penalty, Garrard checks down twice. Big play down field to Marcedes Lewis. Williamson catches a short hitch, then fumbles. Cards recover.

Cards take over on their own 32

- 2-minute drill, Jags need a stop. Cox takes a knee to the head. Warner finds Breaston for a first down, this is too easy. Another first down on a cross to Urban. Boldin catches a tipped ball. First and goal from the five. Jags are getting bad luck and playing poorly. That's a bad combo. Warner finds Jason Wright for a five-yard TD. Cards 24, Jags 3.

-Warner is 15 for 15 to start the game. Ties a franchise record. He's 18 for 19 in the first half. That's a Hall of Famer.


Jags start from their own 14

- Garrard hits Holt for a gain of nine. He then throws a one-hopper to Sims-Walker. Stopped on 3rd down. Muffed punt, but Rolle recovers. Figures. Halftime, thankfully.

Thank God this game is blacked out, the folks at home don't want to witness this.

3rd Quarter

Jags start from their own 20

- Big pass to Marcedes Lewis who makes a great catch gets the Jags near midfield. Garrard then misfires twice and a it's a four and out instead of a three and out. Here's to variety!

Cards take over on their own 31

- Warner completes another, what else is new? I'll update this when the Jags make a play. It may be a while. Breaking news, Jags made a stop. Rackers is wide right on a 48-yard field goal.

Jags take over on their own 37

- Garrard sacked on 1st down. Business as usual. Completion to Holt for 15, then a run by MJD for a first down. Yes, a first down. Garrard fumbles after a sack. Jags get the ball back. Garrard misfires horribly on the check down. Garrard holds the ball then fumbles.

- Tickets distributed 46,550, somebody whispered to me that the actual gate attendance was roughly 38,000.

Cards take over on the Jags 38

- Warner leads the Cards down the field with ease and hits Larry Fitzgerald for a touchdown. 4-38-1:57

I'm done with these notes.

This just in: this team is bad.

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