What We Learned: Jaguars vs Cardinals

The Jaguars fell to the Arizona Cardinals, 31-17 in a game that wasn't as close as the final score would indicate. Let's see how our keys to victory played out.

Three most important things for the Jaguars on defense:

1. Pressure Kurt Warner.
The Jaguars rarely put any kind of heat on Warner, thus leading to his record setting day. Zero sacks recorded and just one hit on the quarterback.

2. Don't let Larry Fitzgerald beat you. Fitzgerald didn't beat the Jags by himself, as he was used more or less as a decoy. Four catches for 34 yards and an acrobatic touchdown.

3. No arm tackles. Tackling was a big problem for the Jaguars, namely Reggie Nelson.

Three most important things for the Jaguars on offense:

1. Diversity. The Cards stacked the box to stop Maurice Jones-Drew and despite a big early run, they were very effective. Garrard couldn't hit his receivers until it was too late.

2. Take some shots downfield. The Jags didn't really do this until the outcome was already decided.

3. A fast start. The Jaguars scored on their first offensive possession, but the defense couldn't do it's part.

What to look for:

1. Look for a low-scoring game. The Jags offense did it's part, unfortunately the defense allowed far too many points.

2. Look for the Cards to test Derek Cox. The Cards tested everyone with outstanding results.

3. Look for the Jags to take some shots downfield. They did later in the game, but there was too much underneath stuff in the first half.

4. Look for Maurice Jones-Drew to run for less than 75 yards. MJD finished with just 13 carries for 66 yards. The score of the game pretty much neutralized any chance of Jones-Drew being successful.

5. Look for the Jags to win the football game. Boy, were we off.

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