NFL Power Rankings - Week 3

Two weeks of the NFL season are in the books, and we believe we're starting to know a little more about this season.

1. New York Giants- Previous ranking: (1)

Has Eli turned into Peyton?

2. Baltimore Ravens- Previous ranking: (2)

Their offense has caught up to their defense. Flacco is the real deal.

3. New Orleans Saints- Previous ranking: (3)

Saints defense may not get the headlines, but they're pretty good too.

4. New York Jets- Previous ranking: (4)

Huge win against Tennessee sets up a showdown in New Orleans this week.

5. Indianapolis Colts- Previous ranking: (7)

Peyton Manning could be heading toward his second straight MVP award.

6. New England Patriots- Previous ranking: (6)

Pats finally put together a good game. They are a team that should get better as the year goes on.

7. Minnesota Vikings- Previous ranking: (9)

Favre is pure magic! This is why they put up with him.

8. Philadelphia Eagles- Previous ranking: (10)

Is Kolb the quarterback of the future? How about present?

9. San Diego Chargers- Previous ranking: (11)

Rivers is playing at a very high level, and Vincent Jackson is turning into a legit #1 WR.

10. Atlanta Falcons- Previous ranking: (5)

Why didn't they try to blitz Brady?

11. San Francisco 49ers- Previous ranking: (12)

Got their hearts ripped out by Favre. Still a great effort.

12. Pittsburgh Steelers- Previous ranking: (8)

Too conservative on offense. They really miss Troy Polamalu.

13. Green Bay Packers- Previous ranking: (15)

They beat the Rams but weren't dominant. At least it's better than the alternative.

14. Chicago Bears- Previous ranking: (18)

Winning the games they should win. Still, maybe the third-best team in their division.

15. Dallas Cowboys- Previous ranking: (16)

Tashard Choice is the best third running back in the game.

16. Denver Broncos- Previous ranking: (25)

Worst 3-0 team in the history of the NFL.

17. Cincinnati Bengals- Previous ranking: (26)

If they only could've defended the final pass against Denver, they'd be undefeated.

18. Buffalo Bills- Previous ranking: (13)

Trouble is about to start brewing in Buffalo.

19. Arizona Cardinals- Previous ranking: (19)

They turn the ball over far too often.

20. Jacksonville Jaguars- Previous ranking: (28)

Still problems on both sides of the ball, but a win this week would equal the Jags total of division wins from last year.

21. Seattle Seahawks- Previous ranking (21)

They can't win with Seneca Wallace at quarterback. The good news is first-round pick Aaron Curry is a beast.

22. Houston Texans- Previous ranking: (14)

Defense is an absolute mess.

23. Tennessee Titans- Previous ranking: (17)

Best 0-3 team in the game. Jeff Fisher would rather be the worst 1-2 team in the game.

24. Detroit Lions- Previous ranking: (31)

Congratulations to the city of Detroit and the Lions! Let's hope there's more wins coming.

25. Carolina Panthers- Previous ranking: (22)

This team won the NFC South last year? Hard to believe.

26. Oakland Raiders- Previous ranking: (20)

Just a quarterback away from respectability.

27. Washington Redskins- Previous ranking: (24)

Jim Zorn will be the first coach to get fired this season.

28. Miami Dolphins- Previous ranking: (23)

It's Henne's show now. This is a good thing for the Dolphins.

29. Kansas City Chiefs- Previous ranking: (27)

Maybe it wasn't the offensive coordinator's fault?

30. St. Louis Rams- Previous ranking: (32)

Rams are quite the mess, and now they have Kyle Boller under center. Clearly on the 0-16 watch.

31. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Previous ranking: (29)

0-16 is a real possibility.

32. Cleveland Browns- Previous ranking: (32)

I'm told that Eric Mangini has a plan. It appears that his plan is to alienate his players and run an already bad team even further into the ground.

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