Jaguars: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Today we'll look at the good, the bad, and the ugly that makes up our Jacksonville Jaguars.

The Good

David Garrard and the offense in general. This was the game for David Garrard to get settled and confident throwing the football and he did just that. Last week wide receiver Torry Holy claimed the Jaguars needed to play more loose, and that's how the Jaguars looked on Sunday against the Texans. Garrard finally looked comfortable in the pocket and the offensive line kept him relatively untouched through much of the game. Garrard finished the day 18/30 for 214 yards and another 39 yards on the ground with a touchdown. This was the first time Garrard looked like his 2007 self since... well 2007. I could go on and on about how good Maurice Jones-Drew is, but we all know that. He had 137 total yards for 3 touchdowns Sunday. Not only did Garrard and the offensive line look good Sunday, the wide receivers also stepped up. Mike Sims-Walker, sans a near costly fumble, looks like he is emerging as the teams true number one wide receiver. Also, did I miss the memo explaining why Mike Thomas was inactive for the first two games?

The Bad

The Jaguars special teams has gone from seemingly one of the best in the league to just kind of mediocre. With return specialist Brian Witherspoon nursing a leg injury, the last three games have had a haphazard group of returners try their hand. Between rookies Rashad Jennings and Tiquan Underwood, the returns have been woefully unimpressive. In order for continued success on offense of the Jaguars, someone needs to step up in Witherspoon's absence to help the team with it's starting field position. The longest return of the year was 29 yards by fullback Montell Owens. Also, just when you thought punter Adam Podlesh had turned the corner and become consistent, he pulls a game Sunday that left a lot more to be desired. Though Podlesh did show why he won the punting battle in camp by getting a kick off quickly when it looked like it might be blocked kicking from the endzone, he needs some more distance on a consistent basis.

The Ugly

The pass defense for the Jaguars has been atrocious. They have just three sacks in as many games, and up until Sunday haven't shown any signs of a pass rush. That is leading to opposing quarterbacks shredding the secondary. Over the last three games, opposing quarterbacks have gone for a staggering 78 of 99 (78.7%) and thrown for a combined 844 yards, six touchdowns and only two interceptions. A lot of this had to do with the Jaguars offering no pass rush. The rush was improved on Sunday as they were able to sack and harass Texans quarterback Matt Schaub, but it still isn't good enough. It seems to be a combination of starting a rookie cornerback, being completely unsettled at the safety position, and the lack of pressure that's causing the pass defense to be shredded. This needs to improve and improve quickly, or else quarterbacks against the Jaguars will be huge fantasy plays all year long.

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