Everything About the Titans Offense

The Jaguars take on the Titans this Sunday and JagNation has you prepared. We are going to break down each of the Titans positions and how the Jaguars can attack them.


Kerry Collins is having a down year statistically, and a large reason for that is Collins is making poor decision with the ball when he's pressured. Collins has more escapability than many think, but he's far from nimble. When Collins has time, he fits the ball into tight windows and is very accurate. Justin Gage remains his favorite target, but he will look to Nate Washington and Kenny Britt on the outside.

How the Jaguars can attack:
Bring the heat, but make sure you get home. If they lie back and cover with seven, Collins will pick them apart.

Running backs

Chris Johnson is as explosive as ever, and he's a threat to take it to the house on every carry. Johnson is a great weapon catching the ball out of the backfield as well. Johnson's emergence has made LenDale White less of a factor, as White is playing the role of short-yardage back. White is leaner than last year, and still possesses great feet and power, but he's virtually no threat catching the ball.

How the Jaguars can attack:
Keep contain on Johnson, if they lose contain they could be on the wrong end of some SportsCenter highlights. Also, beware of screens. The Titans love to screen to Johnson, and he can turn those into big gains. When White has the ball, no arm tackling. White will run right through arm tackles.

Wide receivers

Justin Gage remains the most targeted receiver for the Titans, and he is a solid possession guy. Gage will make the easy play, but he won't make the difficult catch. Rookie Kenny Britt is beginning to emerge as a deep threat, as he is averaging 16.6 yards per catch (best on the Titans). Britt will still drop some passes and isn't a great route runner, but he must be accounted for deep. Nate Washington has been slowed by various injuries, but he's caught two touchdown passes in as many games. Washington is another speed guy who runs decent routes, and will be a tough matchup for whoever the Jags play at nickel when he's lined up in the slot. Washington doesn't like to go over the middle.

How the Jaguars can attack:
Shadow Gage, as he won't make any highlight reel plays. Be wary of press coverage, as Gage is very good at beating the jam at the line of scrimmage. The Jags will have to pick their poison against Britt, as they must be wary against the deep ball. Britt's still a rookie, so an experienced corner like Rashean Mathis may be able to sit on and jump a route of his. As for Washington, plenty of attention must be paid to him as he's a legit deep threat (the Jags can put on tape of last season's game with Pittsburgh). Give him a cushion, and let him catch underneath patterns if he's so inclined.

Tight ends

The Titans have three solid tight ends in Alge Crumpler, Bo Scaife, and Jared Cook. Crumpler has ballooned to about 300 lbs., but he still has very good hands, but is no longer much of a seam threat. Since Crumpler is the size of a lineman, he blocks like one. Bo Scaife has good hands, but won't scare anyone as a playmaker. He's a solid blocker, but will fumble the football on occasion. Jared Cook is a wide receiver playing tight end. He's quick, has great hands, and can be explosive. He's been battling injuries and has no catches yet this year.

How the Jaguars can attack:
The Jags linebackers should be able to cover Crumpler and Scaife, but Cook is a matchup nightmare if he's healthy. The Jags should try to cover Cook with a safety, in an attempt to not give up big plays.

Offensive line

The Titans offensive line is amongst the very best in the league. The left side is rock solid with tackle Michael Roos, but the right side hasn't played up to the level of 2008, at least not early this year. Tennessee is having some issues moving the football on the ground, as teams are stacking up the box to stop Johnson.

How the Jaguars can attack:
On running downs, the Jaguars could put an extra man in the box to try and stop Johnson. Other teams have overloaded the right side of the Titans line in passing situations and they've got to Collins, as Collins has a difficult time rolling left and throwing. It's doubtful that the Jags will be able to get pressure by just bringing four or five, so they will have to blitz with more to get home and keep the Titans quarterback from picking them apart.

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