What We Learned: Jaguars vs Titans

The Jacksonville Jaguars blew out the rival Tennessee Titans, 37-17 on Sunday afternoon. Let's see how our keys to victory played out.

Three most important things for the Jaguars on defense:

1. Contain Chris Johnson.
Johnson has a solid statistical day, but wasn't much of a factor early on when it was still a game.

2. Pressure Kerry Collins.
The Jaguars 3-4 alignment caused Collins and the Titans offense all sorts of fits, as Derrick Harvey was all over the backfield.

3. Limit big plays in the passing game.
Through one half, the longest Titans reception was 12 yards. Excellent job by everyone dressed in teal.

Three most important things for the Jaguars on offense:

1. Pass to set up the run.
The Titans went cover one on the outside, and the Jaguars made them pay repeatedly as Mike Sims-Walker found himself open all game long.

2. Pick on the corners.
With no Cortland Finnegan, the Titans were stuck starting rookie Jason McCourty, and they gave the Jags receivers plenty of cushion. It was easy pickens.

3. Get the ball out.
Receivers were wide open, offensive line gave plenty of time, and David Garrard got rid of the ball. Those are the keys to a great passing attack.

What to look for:

1. Look for the Titans to control the clock.
Tennessee didn't control anything on this day.

2. Look for the Jaguars to utilize a lot of three step drops.
The Jaguars threw their fair share of slants and short patterns from the three-step drop.

3. Look for Mike Sims-Walker to lead the team in receiving.
The UCF alum just keeps getting better every week, as he had seven receptions for 91 yards and two touchdowns.

4. Look for more reverses from Mike Thomas.
Thomas ran one reverse for 11 yards.

5. If Kenny Britt scores, the Jags will lose.
Britt was no factor in the first half, just like the rest of the Tennessee Titans. He did finish strong with all of his seven catches for 105 yards in the second half.

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