NFL Power Rankings - Week 4

We're a quarter of the way through, and we still don't really know anything as far as who will be advancing in January.

1. New York Giants - Previous ranking: (1)

Still beating up on the cupcakes.

2. New Orleans Saints - Previous ranking: (3)

Winning with defense? They can play anyone's game.

3. Indianapolis Colts - Previous ranking: (5)

Offense hasn't skipped a beat with the receivers missing.

4. Minnesota Vikings - Previous ranking: (7)

Favre looked great in his revenge game. Defense made enough big plays.

5. New England Patriots - Previous ranking: (6)

Pats defense is getting better each week.

6. New York Jets - Previous ranking: (4)

Defense is the best in the league, receivers must play better.

7. Baltimore Ravens - Previous ranking: (2)

A couple of bad breaks and a drop cost them a huge road win.

8. Philadelphia Eagles - Previous ranking: (8)

Looks like McNabb will be back this week, now they get to beat up on hapless Tampa Bay.

9. San Francisco 49ers - Previous ranking: (11)

They play great defense and they make enough plays on offense. It helps having the Rams in your division.

10. Atlanta Falcons - Previous ranking: (10)

Let's see if they can travel to the Bay area and come away with a win.

11. Pittsburgh Steelers - Previous ranking: (12)

Steelers are poised to go on a big run.

12. Chicago Bears - Previous ranking: (14)

Cutler is playing well, Bears have won three straight.

13.Denver Broncos - Previous ranking: (16)

Great fundamental football. They run the ball and stop the run.

14. San Diego Chargers - Previous ranking: (9)

Defense is a mess, L.T. is a shell of himself.

15. Cincinnati Bengals - Previous ranking: (17)

Winning ugly, but winning.

16. Green Bay Packers - Previous ranking: (13)

With immense pressure, Aaron Rodgers more than held his own against Favre.

17. Jacksonville Jaguars - Previous ranking: (20)

Offense and defense were clicking on all cylinders against Tennessee.

18. Dallas Cowboys - Previous ranking: (15)

Possibly the most un-clutch team in the NFL.

19. Arizona Cardinals - Previous ranking: (19)

Must get back on track this week against Houston.

20. Houston Texans - Previous ranking: (22)

Defense showed up against the Raiders, but that doesn't mean much.

21. Washington Redskins - Previous ranking: (27)

Is it possible to feel worse after a victory?

22. Seattle Seahawks - Previous ranking (21)

Something's missing. It's the offensive line.

23. Miami Dolphins - Previous ranking: (28)

Henne era begins with a win in his first start, thanks to the defense.

24. Buffalo Bills - Previous ranking: (18)

Maybe Trent Edwards wasn't as good as we thought.

25. Carolina Panthers - Previous ranking: (25)

The first win is always the toughest. It should come this week against Washington.

26. Oakland Raiders - Previous ranking: (26)

They are a mess from the top down to the quarterback.

27. Tennessee Titans - Previous ranking: (23)

Poised to go 0-5 with a trip from Indy looming.

28. Detroit Lions - Previous ranking: (24)

Just not good enough on either line to compete week in and week out.

29. Kansas City Chiefs - Previous ranking: (27)

Perhaps the Cassel contract extension was a bit premature?

30. Cleveland Browns - Previous ranking: (32)

They appear to be a little more competitive with Derek Anderson behind center.

31. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Previous ranking: (31)

They almost won. They're still almost the worst team in the NFL.

32. St. Louis Rams - Previous ranking: (30)

They are averaging six points per game. I didn't think they were doing that well.

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