Jaguars Scouts All Over the Map

It's a busy weekend for the Jaguars scouts, as they are stationed all over the map in search of collegiate talent for next April's draft. Find out where the Jaguars scouts will be and which players they are looking at.

According to NFL Expert Chris Steuber, the Jaguars scouts will be attending the University of Washington-Arizona game, the Oregon-UCLA game, the Georgia-Tennessee game, and the Miami (OH)-Northwestern game. Here are some of the draft eligible prospects that they will be looking at.

Washington vs Arizona


Rob Gronkowski (JR) - impressive TE prospect who is a big target in the passing game and an adequate blocker; could be a 2nd round pick

Devin Ross (SR) - a productive corner who should be a late round pick

Cam Nelson (SR) - good size strong safety likely a late round pick


Jake Locker (JR) - many believe Locker will stay in school, but he's quickly climbing up the draft boards under Sarkisian. He could wind up a late 1st to early 2nd round pick this year

Ben Ossai (SR) - a pure right tackle at the NFL level Ossai is a mauler. He's a projected 4-5th round pick

Daniel Te'O-Nesheim (SR) - a productive DE who's netted 26.5 TFL and 16.5 sacks in his first 2 seasons at DE; projected 4-5th rounder. Possible 3-4 rush backer or 4-3 edge rusher at the NFL level

Cameron Elisara (JR) - an undersized DT will likely make the move to 3-4 end in the NFL

Oregon vs UCLA


Korey Bosworth (SR) - currently plays defensive end as a speed rusher, but played linebacker his first 2 years. Projects to a 3-4 outside linebacker

Kyle Bosworth (SR) - twin brother of Korey, currently plays outside linebacker and like his brother is a projected 3-4 outside linebacker, both are later round prospects

Micah Kia (SR) - Offensive tackle who will kick inside to guard at the NFL level, projected later round/FA

Brian Price (JR) - projected early round defensive tackle, had 14.5 TFL and 4.5 sacks as a sophomore

Reggie Carter (SR) - active linebacker who can play all 3 spots, mid-round pick

Alterraun Verner (SR) - Verner is a playmaking corner on the Bruin defense. He might need to add a little bit of weight as hes not a burner to begin with, and could possibly make the move to FS in the NFL.

Ryan Moya (SR) - Moya is a prototypical H-back tight end who can double as a quasi-fullback on teams who don't want to keep a traditional fullback. Late round pick


Will Tukaufu (SR) - plays DE but will project to a 3-4 defensive end at the NFL level. had 17.5 TFL and 7.5 sacks his junior season, projected 4-5th round.

Walter Thurmond III (SR) - Thurmond is a playmaking defensive back for the Ducks. He currently projects as a 3-4th round pick and likely plays the nickel position in the NFL

Ed Dickson (SR) - Dickson is a pass catching TE for the Ducks who's blown up recently agaisnt Cal. He should remind Jaguar fans of a bigger George Wrighster type tight end. Mid-round pick.

LeGarrette Bount (SR) - would be a short yardage powerback in the NFL and a late round pick, but given his recent troubles, I'd cross him off the Jaguars draft list

Georgia vs Tennessee


Geno Atkins (SR) - projected early round defensive tackle, could possibly kick outside to 3-4 defensive end or put on some weight and play the nose position.

Rennie Curran (JR) - Curran will need to add some weight to his 220lb frame, but he is a fast linebacker who's constantly in the backfield

Reshad Jones (JR) - Jones is a playmaking safety who can play either SS or FS at the NFL level. He's expected to be a Top 20 pick

Kade Weston (SR) - a huge defensive tackle who can take up space, likely a late round pick/FA


Dan Williams (SR) - mid-round defensive tackle

Rico McCoy (SR) - speedy outside linebacker who would be well served to put on some weight, currently projects as a 2nd-3rd rounder

Eric Berry (JR) - not much needs to be said about the best defensive player in the country, he's a top 10 pick, easily

Chris Scott (SR) - Scott is a versatile lineman that can play nearly every spot on the offensive line, at the NFL level he projects to be a back up LT or a LG, C, RG, RT. Should be a mid-round pick

Miami(OH) vs. Northwestern

Really the only player of note is DE Corey Wootton (SR) who Jacksonville will be looking at for the 2nd time. He projects as a 3-4 DE and a late first to 2nd round pick

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