What We Learned: Jaguars vs Seahawks

The Jaguars were blown out by the Seahawks, 41-0. Let's see how our keys to victory played out (or in this case didn't play out).

Three most important things for the Jaguars on defense:

1. Bring the heat.
The Jaguars had no assemblance whatsoever of a pass rush, even against the Seahawks third-string left tackle. That caused Matt Hasselbeck to pick apart the Jags secondary.

2. Be aware of Burleson.
Either the Jaguars didn't read this or one of the members of the secondary had Nate Burleson on their fantasy team. Burleson caught six passes for 98 yards and two touchdowns.

3. Stop Carlson. John Carlson wasn't much of a factor in the game as he caught two balls for 31 yards, but he didn't have to be, as the Seahawks receivers were destroying the Jags secondary.

Three most important things for the Jaguars on offense:

1. Get MJD involved.
The Seahawks stacked the box and Jones-Drew was hardly a factor.

2. No turnovers.
The Jaguars turned the ball over twice, directly leading to 14 Seattle points.

3. Keep up the momentum with MSW. Mike Sims-Walker did not play.

What to look for:

1. Jaguars offense in the gun.
The Jaguars were in the shotgun early, but Garrard was wildly inaccurate. Nothing they did would work on this day.

2. More trickery from Mike Thomas.
The Jaguars didn't attempt any of the reverses that worked so well the previous two weeks.

3. Sims-Walker to lead the team in receiving.
That didn't happen being he was a last-minute scratch for violating team rules.

4. Marcedes to score. Lewis was open early on in the end zone, but Garrard delivered an uncatchable pass. Nobody would score for the Jaguars.

5. Garrard to have over 100 QB rating. Way off. Garrard played one of his worst games of the season and was benched in the fourth quarter when the game was out of reach.

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