NFL Power Rankings - Week 5

Through five weeks the cream is beginning to rise to the top.

1. New York Giants- Previous ranking: (1)

Eli certainly looked okay against Oakland.  Much tougher test next week.

2. New Orleans Saints- Previous ranking: (2)

Showdown game with the Giants in the dome.

3. Indianapolis Colts- Previous ranking: (3)

Peyton Manning is raising the level of play of his entire team.

4. Minnesota Vikings- Previous ranking: (4)

They beat up on the Rams.  No credit for that.

5. Denver Broncos- Previous ranking: (13)

I don't know how they're doing it, but they're 5-0.

6. Atlanta Falcons- Previous ranking: (10)

Very impressive road victory by Matt Ryan and the young Falcons.

7. Philadelphia Eagles- Previous ranking: (8)

Took care of business against the hapless Bucs.

8. Cincinnati Bengals- Previous ranking: (15)

One bad tip away from 5-0.  Defense is playing great.

9. New England Patriots- Previous ranking: (5)

Something's missing with these guys.

10. Baltimore Ravens- Previous ranking: (7)

Ravens have dropped two in a row and the defense is looking less than dominant.

11. Pittsburgh Steelers- Previous ranking: (11)

Beating up on the cupcakes.

12. Chicago Bears- Previous ranking: (12)

Back in action this week against Atlanta in the dome.

13. New York Jets- Previous ranking: (6)

Braylon Edwards helped, but wasn't enough to propel the rookie QB.

14. San Diego Chargers- Previous ranking: (14)

Showdown this week with first place Denver.

15. San Francisco 49ers- Previous ranking: (9)

49ers defense finally cracked, in a big way.

16. Green Bay Packers- Previous ranking: (16)

Bye week followed by a near-bye, as they host Detroit.

17. Arizona Cardinals- Previous ranking: (19)

Nearly collapsed against Houston, not a good sign.

18. Seattle Seahawks- Previous ranking (22)

Different team with Hasselbeck under center.

19. Miami Dolphins- Previous ranking: (23)

   Wildcat was operating at perfection.  Henne is going to make ‘Fin fans happy.

20. Houston Texans- Previous ranking: (22)

Really just a few plays away from 4-1.  Reality and the standings show 2-3. 

21. Dallas Cowboys- Previous ranking: (18)

Tried to collapse against Kansas City. 

22. Jacksonville Jaguars- Previous ranking: (17)

  Played a completely imperfect game against Seattle.

23. Carolina Panthers- Previous ranking: (25)

Much needed come from behind victory against Washington.

24. Cleveland Browns- Previous ranking: (30)

Defense is playing much better, offense is still a mess.

25. Washington Redskins- Previous ranking: (21)

Possibly the worst two-win team in the league.

26. Kansas City Chiefs- Previous ranking: (29)

Fought hard for 60+ minutes.

27. Buffalo Bills- Previous ranking: (24)

Time bomb is ticking.

28. Detroit Lions- Previous ranking: (28)

Schwartz has them competing, they just don't have the talent.

29. Tennessee Titans- Previous ranking: (27)

Vince Young isn't the answer either.

30. Oakland Raiders- Previous ranking: (26)

Does Tom Cable get fired first or arrested first?

31. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Previous ranking: (31)

No defense, not much of an offense.

32. St. Louis Rams- Previous ranking: (32)

At least they scored in double figures. 


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