It's a Trap!

The Jacksonville Jaguars head into Nashville this weekend to face the seemingly hapless Tennessee Titans who sit at 0-6 on the season and are coming off a 59-0 steamrolling by the New England Patriots. The Jaguars blew out the Tennessee Titans 37-17 earlier this month in their first meeting, in a game that was over as soon as it started.

Titans head coach Jeff Fisher spoke about playing the Jaguars so quickly after their first meeting.

"Not that we don't have that sense of familiarity," Fisher said in his conference call with the Jacksonville media. "I think if you talk to the coaches there are still pitches on both sides of the ball on both teams that weren't used. That's always the case when you come back and play a second time fairly quick. Now obviously we didn't play very well at all and I thought they played very, very well and we're going to have to play a lot better to compete with them."

The Jaguars exit the bye week 3-3, the same record they had last season coming out of the bye week. Also just like last year, the Jaguars face a slate of games that are very winnable. The Jaguars head to Nashville to play the 0-6 Titans and then host Kansas City and the 1-6 Chiefs. Realistically, the Jaguars should head into New York on November 15th with a 5-3 record. Last year at this time, the same thought process was in place with the Jaguars playing the Cleveland Browns at home and heading to play the Cincinatti Bengals, both of which were contests the Jaguars lost. After the bye week last season, the Jagaurs went on to win just two more games and finish out 5-11 and the locker room melt down and chemistry issues began.

This season, expect things to be a bit different. While Jack Del Rio is only 2-5 coming off of the bye week as the head coach of the Jaguars, this team's make up is a bit different than years past. The roster, as we know, has been cleansed of it's locker room problems and the team chemistry is much improved. While the Jaguars did fall into a trap game when they traveled to Seattle and lost 41-0, I don't expect Jacksonville to fall for the same thing when they roll into Nashville as three point dogs on Sunday. At some point, the Jaguars have to stop falling into these trap games that we've grown accustomed to seeing.

If the Jaguars can do this, and right the ship so to speak, they can put themselves in the drivers seat for a Wild Card berth heading into New York to face the Jets. This is a weekend where the young Jacksonville Jaguars team can do a lot of growing up.

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