Jaguars: Watching the Scoreboard

With a 3-3 record it may be a little premature for Jaguars fans to be thinking playoffs. That said, many believed last year's Dolphins were a fluke as well. Needless to say, the Jaguars have to go to Nashville and beat the 0-6 Tennessee Titans. JagNation is going to map out your other rooting interests for Sunday's games.

Houston Texans at Buffalo Bills- Jaguars fans must root for the Bills. The Texans have a 4-3 record with two of their three losses coming in conference.

Miami Dolphins at New York Jets-
The Jets are 4-3, the Dolphins are 2-4. This one's easy, you want the Fish to finish the sweep of the J-E-T-S Jets Jets Jets.

Denver Broncos at Baltimore Ravens-
The Ravens are probably the best 3-3 team in the league, and Jaguars fans should be hoping for them to become the best 3-4 team in the league. Let's hope Josh McDaniels smoke and mirrors show baffles for another week.

Oakland Raiders at San Diego Chargers-
It's tough to depend on a Raiders victory to help your team, but that's what the Jaguars have to do. Hey, the Raiders won a meaningless game for them last December in Tampa, maybe it could happen again? I don't think so either.

Minnesota Vikings at Green Bay Packers-
Sure, this game has no bearing on the Jaguars playoff hopes, but you can't possibly root for Brett Favre to rip the Packers fans hearts out in their own building, can you?

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