Jaguars Mid-season Awards

We are now entering Week 10 and the Jacksonville Jaguars have played half of their season so far with a record of 4-4. It's time to hand out the always meaningful Mid-season Awards.

Offensive Player of the Mid-Year:

Mike Walker - I know most people expected MJD in this spot.  While Jones-Drew is the best player on the offensive side of the ball by far, Mike Sims-Walker has allowed this offense a new dimension in the passing game; A legit go-to wide receiver. He leads the team in receptions, receiving yards, and receiving touchdowns.

Defensive Player of the Mid-Year:

Daryl Smith - This shouldn't be a surprise to most people.  Daryl Smith has easily been the most consistent player on the defense, and one of the few linebackers who's played in every single game.  He further sealed this mid-season award with his game Sunday against the Chiefs with 1.5 sacks and almost literally negating one of the Chiefs drives all by himself.  Smith isn't a flashy linebacker, but he does everything well.

Offensive Rookie of the Mid-Year:

Eben Britton - Some could argue wide receiver Mike Thomas for this award, but Eben Britton has been very consistent at right tackle nearly all season.  He struggled a bit Sunday against the Chiefs Tamba Hali, but overall he has solidified the position and looks to become a very good right tackle of the future.

Defensive Rookie of the Mid-Year:

Terrance Knighton - Many, including this writer, were pretty surprised when Terrance Knighton's name flashed up on the screen during the NFL draft as the Jacksonville Jaguars third-round draft pick, but Knighton has not disappointed.  While "Pot Roast", as he's known in the locker room, hasn't really done anything people would consider "sexy" on the defensive line, he is a force in the interior. Be it in the 4-3 look or as the nose in the 3-4, Knighton is nearly immovable.  He is going to be the key should the Jaguars move to the 3-4 in the future, and right now he's playing as if he was a first-round draft pick.

Most Improved Player of the Mid-Year:

John Henderson - Many speculated if John Henderson would even be on the opening day roster this season given his drop off in play and his early spat with head coach Jack Del Rio in OTA's, but Big John has raised his level of play. Be it at the 3-4 end position or at his natural 4-3 tackle position, Henderson has improved his play this season dramatically.

Most Disappointing Player of the Mid-Year:

Reggie Nelson- Reggie Nelson has been at times simply abysmal this season and it doesn't appear as if he'll ever be a legitimate NFL starter at safety, much less live up to his "Ed Reed" type draft day comparisons.  Nelson has looked lost ever since his rookie season, and appears to be regressing.

Most Valuable Player of the Mid-Year:

Maurice Jones-Drew - Needless to say, Maurice Jones-Drew is as valuable to the Jacksonville Jaguars as Peyton Manning or Tom Brady are to their respective teams.  Jones-Drew currently leads the NFL in touchdowns with 11 and he is sixth in the NFL in rushing yards. He is the key to this football team, and without him it's likely the Jacksonville Jaguars would be one of the very worst teams in the NFL.

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