Jags Fans: Who to cheer for...

With their 24-21 victory over the Chiefs, the Jaguars are back in playoff race, at least for another week. While the Jags obviously need to beat the Jets, JagNation is going to assist with your rooting interests in the other games on Sunday and Monday.

Tampa Bay at Miami
In any AFC vs. NFC matchup, you should be cheering for the NFC team.  The Dolphins don't appear to be a threat to earn their second straight postseason appearance, but better safe than sorry.  
Denver at Washington
Just as the Tampa-Miami game, you need to be rooting NFC, and unfortunately that lies with the Redskins, who have a lame-duck coach and have appeared to quit.  Denver has come back to earth in the last two weeks and they could be wild-card competition for the Jaguars.
Buffalo at Tennessee
Neither of these teams will be postseason contenders so why not cheer for a Titans loss?
Cincinnati at Pittsburgh
Both teams have identical 6-2 marks, and it looks like both are favorites to be playing in January.  That said, Pittsburgh has a better conference record than Cincinnati.  Cheer for the Steelers.
Kansas City at Oakland
Just kidding.  Nobody should be subjected to watching this monstrosity of a football game.
Philadelphia at San Diego
Big NFC vs. AFC matchup and Jaguars fans need the Eagles to travel to the west coast and pull off a minor upset.  A San Diego loss would drop them to 5-4 which would tie them with Jacksonville, provided they beat the Jets.  
New England at Indianapolis
The AFC South title race has been over for a few weeks now.  That said, cheer for the Colts in this one.  Although it's always good to see a Colts loss, an Indy win could possibly have them one step closer for the home field advantage late in the year and will allow the Colts to rest starters down the stretch as they take on the Jags late in the year. 
Baltimore at Cleveland
No brainer, cheer for Brady Quinn and the Cleveland Browns.  Maybe Eric Mangini will pull off a miracle on Monday night?  Who am I kidding?

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