NFL Power Rankings

We have a new number one team, and number 32 is truly looking like the worst team in football.

1. Indianapolis Colts- Previous ranking: (2)
Thanks to Bill Belichick they are still undefeated.

2. New Orleans Saints- Previous ranking: (1)
In my BCS you have to beat the Rams by more than five points.

3. Minnesota Vikings- Previous ranking: (3)
Sidney Rice is emerging as a true playmaker.

4. Cincinnati Bengals- Previous ranking: (8)
Defense is for real, they should ride an easy schedule to a first round bye.

5. New England Patriots- Previous ranking: (4)
Losing games when they appear to be the better team; not a good sign.

6. San Diego Chargers- Previous ranking: (12)
Will win the AFC West.

7. Arizona Cardinals- Previous ranking: (7)
Look like a much better team than this time a year ago.

8. Pittsburgh Steelers- Previous ranking: (5)
Look like a team that's lost their physical identity.

9. Dallas Cowboys- Previous ranking: (6)
Just when you want to believe in them, they lay an egg.

10. Philadelphia Eagles- Previous ranking: (9)
Loss of Westbrook is huge.

11. Houston Texans- Previous ranking: (11)
Return to the national stage against Tennessee on Monday night.

12. Baltimore Ravens- Previous ranking: (14)
Something is definitely missing.

13. Green Bay Packers- Previous ranking: (18)
Just when you think the Pack are dead, they surprise you.

14. Atlanta Falcons- Previous ranking: (10)
When will they beat a team with a winning record?

15. New York Giants- Previous ranking: (15)
Good matchup against Atlanta this week. Loser falls behind in the wild-card race.

16. Jacksonville Jaguars- Previous ranking: (20)
Three in a row this week against Buffalo? It should happen.

17. Miami Dolphins- Previous ranking: (16)
Barely escaped against Tampa Bay. Each win means a worse draft position.

18. Denver Broncos- Previous ranking: (13)
The free-fall has begun.

19. Carolina Panthers- Previous ranking: (21)
Delhomme is playing better, the team is playing better.

20. Tennessee Titans- Previous ranking: (24)
Three in a row since the quarterback switch.

21. San Francisco 49ers- Previous ranking: (25)
Thoroughly outplayed in their victory over Chicago Thursday night.

22. New York Jets- Previous ranking: (20)
Can't stop the run without Kris Jenkins.

23. Chicago Bears- Previous ranking: (18)
Imagine how good they'd be if their quarterback didn't turn the ball over five times per game?

24. Seattle Seahawks- Previous ranking (22)
Uninteresting bad team. Ruskell has about seven games left as GM.

25. Buffalo Bills- Previous ranking: (23)
Will they be better without Jauron and Edwards? Not likely

26. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Previous ranking: (26)
They're competing, now they must learn how to win with a rookie quarterback.

27. Washington Redskins- Previous ranking: (27)
Likely would've lost if Kyle Orton didn't get hurt.

28. St. Louis Rams- Previous ranking: (28)
At least they're competing. Things are beginning to look up.

29. Kansas City Chiefs- Previous ranking: (31)
If they could only play Oakland every week.

30. Oakland Raiders- Previous ranking: (30)
They finally benched Jamarcus. Unfortunately, Gradkowski is not any better.

31. Detroit Lions- Previous ranking: (29)
They get handled every week at the line of scrimmage.

32. Cleveland Browns- Previous ranking: (31)
Five offensive touchdowns in their last 15 games and they get Josh Cribbs hurt on the last play while down by 16. Is there any way possible that Mangini keeps his job after this year?

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