No Mathis on Sunday

Rashean Mathis' groin injury is now becoming a matter of concern for the Jaguars.

Coach Jack Del Rio has ruled Rashean Mathis out of the San Francisco game because of the groin injury that forced him to miss Sunday's win over Buffalo.

The fact that Mathis has been ruled out already raises question about whether he'll be back in two weeks to face Houston.

When he was asked if this injury could sideline Mathis for three or four weeks, Del Rio said he won't have another announcement on Mathis' status until next week.

Assuming they can handle the trip to the West Coast, they have a good shot at beating the 49ers without Mathis because the 49ers' pass offense, despite showing some life Sunday in the second half against Green Bay, is ranked 23rd in league.

By contrast, Houston went into the Monday night game with Tennessee ranked No. 3 in passing offense and the Titans have an All-Pro wide receiver in Andre Johnson -- the Jaguars will need Mathis for that game.

With three consecutive victories and a 6-4 record, the Jaguars now control their own wild card destiny. If they win their final six games, they'll get a wild card spot.

But since they play both the Colts and Patriots (the Jaguars have never beaten Tom Brady), that might be a tall order. But even a 4-2 record would give them a 10-6 record, which would probably be playoff-worthy.

That means the Jaguars are probably in if they win the other four games against the 49ers, Texans, Dolphins and Browns regardless of what they do against the Colts and Patriots.

"We're staying alive," Del Rio said. "We talked about two weeks ago when we were on the way to the Meadowlands, it was a must win to stay alive. This past week was the same and this next week will be the same. Got to continue to win to stay alive."

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