Jaguars Report Card vs BIlls

Find out how the Jacksonville Jaguars rated against the Buffalo Bills

PASSING OFFENSE: B -- David Garrard had only an 87.5 quarterback rating against the Bills and threw for only 215 yards, but engineered a 68-yard touchdown drive at the end of the game to win it.

Maurice Jones-Drew got only 66 yards in 25 carries, the lowest total in a game in which he's had 25 carries. But just the fact he had 25 carries was a positive for the team. It allowed the Jaguars to move the chains and control the clock.

Tryon Brackenridge gave up a 98-yard touchdown pass to Terrell Owens, but they intercepted Ryan Fitzpatrick twice and he had only a 74.3 quarterback rating despite 297 passing yards. John Henderson also got two sacks.

RUSH DEFENSE: A-minus --
They held the Bills to 53 yards rushing and that forced the Bills to throw, which enabled them to rush Ryan Fitzpatrick.

Adam Podlesh averaged 40.8 net and dropped three inside the 20 and they held the Bills to no yardage in punt returns. Tyron Brackenridge also made a critical recovery of a fourth period muffed punt by Brian Witherspoon.

The Jaguars get credit for a game-winning drive at the end for the second consecutive week, but they also failed to score in the second half until the final drive for the second consecutive week. The Jaguars don't seem to be gaining much from halftime adjustments.

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