Five Injuries the Jaguars Cannot Afford

With a 6-4 record, the Jaguars are officially in the wild-card race and they appear to have a schedule that can make playoff aspirations a reality. Up to this point the Jaguars have had some pretty good luck as far as injuries. JagNation will discuss which players the Jaguars can least afford to lose.

1. Maurice Jones-Drew - MJD leads the NFL in touchdowns and he is the reason the Jaguars offense is as good as it is. Jones-Drew is a player that opposing defenses must be aware of at all times, and he allows for the single coverage that Garrard and the Jaguars receivers enjoy.

2. Mike Sims-Walker -
Sims-Walker has emerged into a legitimate number one receiver and that was proven when the Jets used dynamic cover man, Darrelle Revis on him exclusively in the second half of the game a couple weeks ago. Without Sims-Walker, the Jaguars would have no deep threat on the outside. The one game in which he wasn't active this season, the team scored no points.

3. David Garrard -
We are as critical as anyone of the Jaguars signal caller and although he's not living up to his contract, the team simply has no better option. Without Garrard, the Jaguars would have to hang their postseason fortunes on a career backup in Luke McCown, certainly an unknown commodity.

4. John Henderson -
Henderson doesn't have stats that will get him any Pro Bowl consideration, but he's had a great year whether the team has placed him inside at his usual defensive tackle position, or outside as a 3-4 end. Henderson isn't the most valuable player on the Jaguars defense, but with the lack of depth on the defensive line, he may be the most indispensable.

5. Marcedes Lewis -
Lewis was largely considered as a first-round bust entering this season, but right now he's performing just as a top pick should. Lewis catches all that is catchable, and many that aren't, and he's the finest blocking tight end in the entire NFL. Without some of the big fourth period catches by Lewis this season, the Jaguars record wouldn't be nearly as good as it is.

Honorable mentions:
Rashean Mathis, Terrance Knighton, Daryl Smith.

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