Jaguars Game Notes

The Jaguars laid another west coast egg as they were soundly defeated by the 49ers, 20-3. Here are my game notes.

Start of game:

S.F. ball on their 20

Smith underneath to Gore for 7 yards. Harvey pressures Smith and forces an incomplete pass. Big pass from Smith to Delaney Walker as Reggie Nelson is beat for 21 yards. Gore for 4 more. Smith to Gore for a short gain. Everything Smith is throwing is short. Smith to Morgan for 11 yards. Nelson is beat again. Gore for two short gains, leaving another third and medium. Gore misfires to Hill leaving a long field goal attempt. Nedney connects from 46.

Thoughts: Alex Smith either doesn't trust his arm or his protection, as he was very quick to check down. Reggie Nelson will be a target all day long for the Niners, they've obviously seen tape on him.

Jax starts on their own 28

Garrard slant to Sims-Walker on first down. MJD for no gain against 8 in the box. Screen to MJD for one. Third and long. Holt catches the ball short of the first. Wilford was wide open but Garrard was hurried.

Thoughts: Four and out isn't the way you want to start.

S.F. ball on their own 7 (great punt and tackle by Middleton)

Gore loses one, Harvey with penetration. A couple misfires by Smith and the Jags force a three and out.

Thoughts: Great job by the Jags D, good coverage by Derek Cox on Crabtree.

Jax ball on their own 36 (Spoon goes east/west instead of north/south)

Garrard with a short throw to Wilford who is wide open for 9 yards. MJD for 6 and a first down into S.F. territory. False start on Sims-Walker. Garrard with another short WR screen to Thomas. Throw was inaccurate but Thomas caught it and gained 6. Garrard throws to nobody in particular, intentional grounding is called. Third and 18- Garrard throws to Lewis short of the first. Good throw, but it did no good.

Thoughts: Mental mistake by Garrard on the intentional grounding ends what had the makings of a solid drive.

S.F. ball on their own 9 (good punt by Podlesh)

Niners move the ball early, but a big stick by Gerald Alexander on Vernon Davis stops the drive.

Thoughts: Defense is playing well right now.

Jax ball on the S.F. 47 (huge return by Spoon)

Garrard shovels to MJD for 17 yards as the Jags get into FG range. Garrard misfires to MSW in the end zone. He wasn't open. MJD draw for one, 3rd and long. Garrard throws underneath to MJD short of the first down. Scobee's 40-yard FG is no good.

Thoughts: MJD got them in field goal range, but Garrard needs to start throwing past the sticks. Looked like the timing was off on the field goal attempt. Never good to leave points on the field.

S.F. ball on their own 30

Crabtree catches a WR screen for 8 yards. Walker on the reverse for 9 more. Smith to Davis for another first down into Jags territory. Smith is getting comfortable. Smith down the middle to Davis, but Considine makes a great play to jar the ball loose. Smith's pass goes through Gore's hands and nearly picked by Daryl Smith. Big play from Smith to Crabtree for 27 yards. First and goal. Crabtree found the soft spot in the zone. Smith to Morgan to the 3. Smith throws the ball away on first down, smart play. Play action to a wide open Davis for the TD. 10-0 Niners.

Thoughts: The 49ers made it look very easy on that drive. Crabtree looks like a number one receiver and Vernon Davis does what he does best, which is catching touchdown passes. Julius Williams blew the coverage on the touchdown. The Jags need to score on this drive or this one could be reminiscent of the Seattle game.

Jax ball on their own 21

Garrard gets lucky as he throws the ball up in the air in the middle of the field and Manny Lawson drops the ball. Garrard is nowhere near on third down. Three and out.

Thoughts: Garrard is playing bad despite what the stats say and he needs to turn it around before it's too late.

S.F. ball on their own 34

Three and out. Bad offense or good defense. Either way it's effective for the Jags.

Jax ball on their own 20

MJD for 6 up the middle. Holding on 2nd down by Meester puts the Jags behind the sticks. Garrard to Lewis for 6. Garrard to MSW, but Sims-Walker pushed off. Third and 18 upcoming. Dump off to Jennings. Punt time again.

Thoughts: The Jaguars either don't trust Garrard throwing down-field or he's too afraid to. Either way, it's not a combination for a win.

S.F. ball on their own 41

Short throw to Morgan for 3. Smith scrambles into Jags territory for a first down. Jags aren't getting any pass rush right now. No gain by Gore, nice job by Henderson and Allen. Nice play by Brackenridge making a break on the football to force an incompletion. Smith to Morgan just short of the first down. 4th down decision. Jags burnt as Smith uses play action to hit Vernon Davis inside the 10 yard line. Ingram was two steps late in coverage. Morgan lets a touchdown pass slip between his hands on first down. Gore to the four-yard line. Third and goal, Jax timeout. Smith scrambles then finds Gore for the touchdown. 17-0 Niners.

Thoughts: The Jags defense has been on the field for too long and I can't see the offense making up a 17-point deficit when they have had two consecutive three and outs. No pass rush, too many lapses on D.

Jax ball on their own 28

Time to get some garbage fantasy points for MJD/MSW. Garrard with a nice throw to MSW for 16. MSW again for 8 more. Garrard to MSW again for 18 more and the Jags are in FG range. Defender fell down. Garrard to Holt for 18 more and the Jags will kick a field goal. Scobee's 32-yard FG is good. 49ers 17, Jags 3.

Thoughts: San Francisco played a little prevent style defense and were burned by it. Maybe this will spark the Jags offense for the second half as they were finally able to throw the football?

First half thoughts:

Aside from the last possession where the Niners didn't rush anyone, the Jaguars offense couldn't get out of its own way. Four punts in six possession is bad, and 18 rushing yards is awful. 0/5 on third down won't get the job done. They need to make a better commitment to the running game. MJD is being wasted. Defensively, the team seems to be just a step or two slow. No pressure plus blown coverages are giving Alex Smith more confidence than he probably should have.

Jax ball on their own 24

Garrard up top to Wilford for 29 yards. WR screen to Thomas for 13 yards. Jags are starting to throw the ball downfield, maybe this will open things up for MJD. Thomas on another screen for 15 more. Jags quickly into the red zone. Screen to MJD goes nowhere. Garrard sacked and fumbles. Drive ended.

Thoughts: They were driving down the field well before the fumble. Garrard has fumbled more than any player in the NFL (7). Still, the drive was a positive.

S.F. ball on their own 26

Delaney Walker catches a short pass and turns it into a big gain thanks to abysmal tackling by the Jags. Walker catches another pass to get the 49ers into Jax territory. Short gain by Gore for the 1st. Gore again for 4 more. Crabtree drops a Smith pass, third down. Crabtree catches an underneath pass and runs it for 20 inside the red zone. Walker for no gain. Cox defends Crabtree on a corner route and Crabtree dropped the touchdown. Short pass to Morgan will bring up 4th down.

Thoughts: Jags defense bent, but ultimately didn't break. Still, S.F. took back all the momentum.

Jags ball on their own

Jags move the ball down the field with relative ease, passing to Holt, Miller, Wilford and Jones-Drew. Once the Jags get into the red zone, Garrard fumbled again on a 4th and 2.

Thoughts: They just can't finish drives. Garrard looks good statistically, but three points and two turnovers speak much louder than a decent quarterback rating. Del Rio should've taken the field goal and cut the lead to 14.

49ers ball on their own 34

Jags defense holds on a three and out.

Thoughts: It seems pretty obvious that all the Niners want to do is run clock because they don't believe the Jags can score three times. I would employ the same strategy.

Jags ball on their own 22

Garrard fires wide to Lewis; Holding on second down; MJD for 12 yards, setting up a 3rd and 8. Garrard tucks the ball and scrambles short of the first down. Garrard throws to MJD on 4th down for the first. Great run by MJD breaking four tackles and running over a safety. Garrard hits Thomas over the middle all the way to the S.F. 32. Jennings for 8. Jennings for 3 more, first down near the 20. MJD for 9 yards. MJD for 7 more. MJD to the 2. Garrard throws high for MSW who was well covered and the ball was nearly picked off the deflection. Scobee misses a 21-yard field goal.

Thoughts: It's just one of those days for the Jaguars. Scobee has missed a pair of field goals and they haven't been able to punch the ball into the end zone.

S.F. ball on their own 20

Run, safe pass, run, and the Niners have a first down with just under six minutes to play. Jags force a punt after using two timeouts. It would be foolish to believe the Jaguars can come back as they simply can't score.

Jags ball on their own 34

Garrard locks on his first receiver and has to throw the ball away. Garrard holds the ball and is sacked. Jennings catches the check down and runs it for a first down. Short out to MSW for 7. Garrard sacked again, Takeo Spikes with a retarded dance. Garrard misfires to Holt. Garrard sacked again on 4th down.

Thoughts: The offensive line hasn't been good, but the quarterback has no pocket presence. This is why I've been hesitant to move them up in my power rankings despite their win/loss record. That's all I have for today guys, thanks for reading.

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