Time To Right The Ship

If the playoffs started today, the Jacksonville Jaguars would be the sixth seed in the AFC, and they would be matched up against the San Diego Chargers. Fortunately for the Jaguars, the playoffs do not start today they start in six weeks.

Sure, the Jacksonville Jaguars own the sixth seed and final wild card spot right now behind the Denver Broncos, but how much longer they can hold that spot? The currently hold tiebreakers over all the other 6-5 teams, but there are some 5-6 teams that are surging forward.

After Sunday's 20-3 flop against the San Francisco 49ers, I decided to examine the Jaguars season so far. They have six wins after 11 games, and all six of those wins are against teams that are currently under .500. The teams the Jaguars have beaten have a combined record of 23-43 on the season. In those wins, only two have been by more than three points, and only one by more than a score. The Jacksonville Jaguars have struggled to beat bad teams this year, beating the likes of the Chiefs, Bills, Jets and Rams by mere field goals. While those are games the Jaguars should have and did win, they are also games that shouldn't have been that close.

In the Jaguars five losses, they've lost by three points or less just one time, and have lost by 14 or more four times. They have been out-scored 61-3 in two games on the west coast this season. The teams the Jaguars have lost to have a combined record of 32-23, and as mentioned earlier they are yet to defeat a .500 or better team. To give them credit, they did beat the Houston Texans when they were .500 (1-1 in Week 3).

So are the Jacksonville Jaguars a playoff team?

It may take 10 wins to guarantee a playoff spot in the AFC this season, but nine wins and some friendly tiebreaks could get a team to the "big dance". The Denver Broncos, who currently sit with the fifth seed already have seven wins with three games remaining against the Chiefs and Raiders. Pending a total collapse, they're in. The Jacksonville Jaguars will have to win at least 4 of their next 5 against the Texans, Dolphins, Colts, Patriots and Browns to guarantee them a playoff position. There is really only one game on that slate that fans can confidently chalk up to a win, the finale against hapless Cleveland Browns. Jacksonville Jaguars fans should stop worrying about if the Jaguars are in the playoffs or not if the season ended today, because it doesn't end today. They should be focused on the upcoming game and take it one game at a time. Up next, a team who fumbled away a chance at overtime against the Jacksonville Jaguars, the Houston Texans.

The playoffs will figure themselves out.

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