Will the Meeting Work?

After the Jacksonville Jaguars 20-3 loss to the San Francisco 49ers, something didn't quite sit right with tight end Marcedes Lewis.

He, just as many Jaguars fans, didn't like what he saw on Sunday. The Jacksonville Jaguars were able to move down the field at will at times, but could not close in the red zone.

Marcedes Lewis told the Florida-Times Union he had a message for quarterback David Garrard, "I was like, 'Dave, we need to call a meeting. What I saw out there wasn't good. I think it's important you call a meeting and open it up to the veteran guys.' "

David Garrard did call the meeting, but it wound up being the young Marcedes Lewis who really took the lead role. Lewis talked to his teammates about executing their job and playing selfless, even if it's not for glory. As a specific example, Lewis spoke of his blocking for his teammates.

"When I go out there and block, I don't block for me. I block for David to get the time to throw the ball down-field. I block for Maurice to run for an 80-yard touchdown. You've got to be selfless and put the team before yourself. I felt like there were moments we lost sight of that."

By all accounts, only positive has come from the meeting. Lewis said afterwards he immediately felt the positive vibes in the locker room and felt his message resonated with the team. Maurice Jones-Drew agreed with Lewis and focused on the teams breakdown in the red zone. As we've outlined earlier this week at JagNation.com, the Jaguars have been downright atrocious in the red zone.

If the Jacksonville Jaguars even want to think about making the playoffs this season, they realistically need to win a minimum of three and likely four of their remaining five games. In order to do that, they're going to have to start executing in the red zone. They're going to have to start executing their selfless jobs. They are going to have to put the team first and forget about individual glory. Everyone loves touchdowns, but everyone loves winning more.

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