One Play Speaks Volumes for Jags

It may be unfair to break down the Jaguars 14-10 loss to the Miami Dolphins Sunday on just one play, but that one play said plenty about where the Jaguars are as a team. With the game on the line and the Jaguars sitting with a fourth and three, the team called a quarterback draw that yielded no gain.

"I thought I'd get more of a lane," Jaguars quarterback David Garrard said of the draw. "They did a good job."

On that play, Garrard never had a chance. The Jaguars fans in the stands knew the draw was coming and so did Tony Sparano's Dolphins.

The Jaguars play-calling and decision making in the final period wreaked of desperation.

"I felt we were getting to a point in the game," Jaguars head coach Jack Del Rio said. "We had to play to win the game. I'm going to play aggressively to win the game. I want them to feel my confidence in them. I have nothing but good feelings about that."

The call of the quarterback draw in that particular fourth down spot was not without reason. It showed a complete lack of confidence in their quarterback's ability to pick up a fourth down with his arm.

Could you really blame them?

David Garrard was 11 for 26 passing up to that point for just 139 yards. The Jaguars were scoreless on their final five possessions and nine of their 11 possessions overall.

"We weren't very good passing the ball," Del Rio said. "Three of 13 on third down won't get it done."

This season's performance by David Garrard won't get it done and he knows it.

"They did a good job defensively and we didn't do a good job offensively," Garrard said following Sunday's game. "I definitely take the blame."

Like a good leader, Garrard hasn't absolved himself from blame during his poor games this season. It's just that he's having to admit to the blame far too often for a player who's supposed to be the team's franchise quarterback and is being paid like one.

David Garrard has sunk back into the depths of mediocrity, and he has one of the lowest fourth period passer ratings amongst starting quarterbacks whose teams are in playoff contention.

It is said that a good quarterback will hide your flaws and a bad one will expose them. The Jaguars tried to hide their franchise quarterback on the last meaningful play of Sunday's football game and that speaks volumes.

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