What We Learned: Jaguars vs Colts

Peyton Manning and the Colts dialed up a 35-31 win over the Jaguars. Let's see how it compared with our keys to the game.

Three most important things for the Jaguars on defense:

1. Familiarize yourself with Peyton Manning. Manning was hardly under duress, as he was never sacked, and wasn't even hit. The result was a 23/30, 308 yard passing performance with four touchdowns.

2. Keep everything in front of you. Although the Colts offense was certainly efficient, the Jags didn't really allow many big plays defensively until Reggie Wayne got behind Reggie Nelson for the game-winning 65-yard touchdown.

3. Tackle well. Reggie Nelson missed several tackles which led to some big conversions by Indianapolis.

Three most important things for the Jaguars on offense:

1. Win first down. The Jaguars were gaining positive yards on the ground which made for some make-able third down situations.

2. Be aggressive. Jacksonville didn't take many shots down field, but offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter did a nice job of spreading the field.

3. 7's, not 3's. The Jaguars did a great job of scoring touchdowns in the red zone instead of field goals.

What to look for:

1. An MJD TD. Jones-Drew was the key cog to the Jags offense as he scored not once, but twice and that was in the first half alone.

2. Pierre Garcon to score. Garcon hurt his hand early in the game and finished with just two receptions for 16 yards.

3. David Garrard throws no picks. He tried his best to throw one, but the Colts refused to comply, dropping three potential interceptions. Then on the Jaguars final possession, Jacob Lacey snatched a David Garrard pass to end the game.

4. Peyton Manning to have a clean jersey. Through the first half, the Jaguars were unable to touch Manning, and he responded by completing all 12 of his pass attempts. Manning was untouched by Jaguars defenders for the entire game.

5. Look for the upset. A lot of Jaguars fans left upset as their team put forth a solid effort, but saw their team be held scoreless in the fourth quarter once again.

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