Jaguars Rooting Interests

With the Jaguars current two-game losing skid, they no longer control their own destiny as far as earning a wild-card berth. JagNation is going to help determine which teams that Jags fans should be cheering for this Sunday.


New England (8-5) vs. Buffalo (5-8) - With New England sitting with an 8-5 record, Jaguars fans should be hoping for a Patriots loss.  Although a three-game losing streak isn't likely for New England, the Jaguars could finish with a better record than the Pats if that occurs.  Likelihood of New England losing?  20%.  The Pats haven't won a road game in the United States, but Buffalo doesn't have the quarterback nor the head coach to take down the Pats in a big spot.


Miami (7-6) vs. Tennessee (6-7)- Although the Titans are quite possibly the Jaguars most hated rivals, Jags fans need to be pulling for Tennessee.  A Dolphins loss would put them as well as the Titans in a three-way tie with the Jags.  Likelihood of Miami losing?  55%.  Miami is a solid team with an up and coming quarterback, but Tennessee has been red hot, winning six of their last seven games. 


Houston (6-7) vs. St. Louis (1-12)- The Texans aren't much of a threat to the Jaguars as they are still one game behind without the advantage of a tie-breaker.  Still in any AFC vs. NFC matchup, Jags fans should be pulling for the NFC team.  Likelihood of Houston losing?  10%.  Although the game is on the road, the Texans would have to have a major meltdown to drop a game to the hapless Rams.


Atlanta (6-7) vs. New York Jets (7-6)- The Jets have been up and down this season, and although they haven't been all that impressive, their 7-6 record is good enough to have them in contention.  AFC-NFC matchup, no need for further explanation.  Likelihood of New York Jets losing?  30%.  Mike Smith's Falcons have been decimated by injuries and they will likely be without both quarterback Matt Ryan and running back Michael Turner on Sunday.  Jets should roll.


Chicago (5-8) vs. Baltimore (7-6)- The Ravens are coming off an offensive explosion against Detroit, and they currently own the sixth seed.  Although it's a bit of a long-shot, fans of every AFC wild-card contender other than Baltimore need to pull for the Bears.  Likelihood of Baltimore losing?  15%.  The Bears have been awful this season and it's not likely that they'll give much of an effort in the snowstorm that's expected to hit Baltimore.


Oakland (4-9) vs. Denver (8-5)- The Broncos are the current owners of the fifth-seed, but it's possible that if they lose out they can be on the outside looking in.  Fans of AFC wild-card contenders should cheer for the Raiders to pull the upset.  Likelihood of Denver losing?  5%.  The Broncos are facing a Charlie Frye led Raiders team and the only thing that can be better than that is if Jamarcus Russell were to play. 


Cincinnati (9-4) vs. San Diego (10-3) - Although not likely, it's possible that the Bengals can lose out and become one of what is sure to be a logjam of teams at 9-7.  Go Chargers.  Likelihood of Cincinnati losing?  80%.  It's been a rough week for the Bengals with the passing of Chris Henry and they're facing one of the hottest teams in the AFC on the road.   


Green Bay (9-4) vs. Pittsburgh (6-7) – Although the Steelers are in a five-game losing skid, they are still not yet mathematically eliminated.  Likelihood of Pittsburgh losing?  45%.  The Steelers are slumping, but the Packers likely won't need this game. 



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