Playoffs or Bust?

Quarterback David Garrard had a career year in 2007 when he was named the starter nine days before the season started after coach Jack Del Rio decided that Byron Leftwich was no longer the answer.

Garrard posted an 11-5 regular-season record and a playoff victory at Pittsburgh. That earned Garrard a $60 million extension and Del Rio a $21 million extension.

Now Garrard needs another career year in 2010 if he's to remain the quarterback and Del Rio is to remain the coach.

Since that extension, Garrard has had two losing seasons in a row and a 12-20 mark.

The Jaguars figure to draft a quarterback in April and will start grooming him, but since rookies aren't usually ready to play, Garrard figures to get one more shot.

Del Rio gave him faint praise, calling him a "middle tier" quarterback and noting that quarterbacks such as Rich Gannon improved late in their careers.

Del Rio also said you "could do lot worse" than Garrard, which isn't exactly a ringing endorsement.

If Garrard and Del Rio are to remain the quarterback and coach in 2011, Garrard has to have a big year next fall.

Garrard said the season-ending loss to Cleveland was "very disappointing."

"You never want to go on a streak like that. You want your streaks to be wins. For us to have been leading the wild-card race and then ending 7-9 is very disappointing. We know we have done some things this year that we can build upon, but there still is a bad taste we have to live with," Garrard said.

Another complicating factor is that Garrard is due a salary of $8 million in 2010. When he was asked how he would react if the Jaguars ask him to take a pay cut, Garrard said "no comment."

He hasn't played like an $8 million quarterback the last two seasons, but the Jaguars haven't revealed if they'll want him to accept a pay cut.

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