Five Reasons Why Jack Del Rio Should Bolt

With the departure of Pete Carroll to the Seattle Seahawks and the subsequent coaching vacancy now at the University of Southern California, Jaguars current head coach Jack Del Rio seems to be the leading candidate to assume the same position at his alma mater. JagNation will elaborate on why Del Rio should indeed leave Jacksonville.

It's rare that an employed NFL head coach would leave for a college job, but that's the decision that Jaguars head coach Jack Del Rio is currently faced with. Del Rio has had his ups and downs in Jacksonville, but alas after seven years, the Jaguars head coach is one of the longest tenured in the NFL. Despite Del Rio having three years and $15 million left on his Jacksonville deal, a move to the college ranks may be the best thing for him.

Reason #1: The USC job isn't a stepping stone type of job, It's destination employment. Like it or not Jaguars fans, being the head football coach at the University of Southern California is a much more prestigious position than the same job at Jacksonville. USC is currently the closest thing to professional football in the nation's second-largest market, and if Del Rio can succeed there he can be a much bigger star than at an NFL expansion franchise in a league in which you're hired to be fired.

Reason #2: Availability of the job. The USC job is available now and it may not be when Del Rio's contract expires. USC is potentially a once in a lifetime opportunity for a former Trojan and there's no guarantee that it will be open again anytime soon or if Del Rio will even be a candidate in the near future.

Reason #3: You may be unemployed sooner than later. It's always easier to get a job when you have a job, and with the sour finish that the Jaguars had and the disappointment that Del Rio's current employer, Jaguars owner Wayne Weaver has expressed, it's no guarantee that Del Rio will man the Jacksonville sideline in 2011 or beyond.

Reason #4: USC recruiting advantages. Although the Trojans athletic programs have come under fire for alleged violations of late, it is still a legendary football program that is national in every way, and some of the top student athletes in the nation will continue to play there. Del Rio may not have any collegiate experience, but his confidence and demeanor will seal the deal on many top recruits to keep the USC machine rolling right along.

Reason #5: Del Rio has lost his luster.
Despite the Jaguars head coach possibly doing his best job this season, the bitter pill that Jaguars fans had to swallow was a four-game losing streak to end the season as they fell flat with the playoffs on the line. Through Del Rio's Jacksonville tenure, he's fought with veteran leaders repeatedly and missed the postseason in five of his seven seasons, all the while parting ways with each and every coach that began his tenure with him back in 2003. Although Del Rio has avoided much criticism throughout his tenure, this year's collapse has inspired the ire of Jaguars fans, and it's not likely that anything short of a division title and deep playoff run will be good enough to swing the fans confidence back to his side.

If Del Rio does indeed get offered the USC job, and he accepts it, that move will save Jaguars owner Wayne Weaver the $15 million left on his contract and it can help erase the mistake that was made when Weaver granted both Jack Del Rio and David Garrard their rich extensions in the Jaguars spending spree of the spring of 2008. Weaver will be able to move in a different direction that many believe he'd like to go without having to pay for it financially.

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