Del Rio Staying For Now

With a reported job offer from the University of Southern California looming, Jaguars head coach Jack Del Rio reportedly met with Jacksonville owner Wayne Weaver to discuss his future with the team. What happened during the meeting to make Jack refuse the reported offer from his alma mater?

The saga of Jack Del Rio and Wayne Weaver has taken yet another bizarre turn as the Jaguars head coach has apparently spurned an offer from USC to fill the vacated head coaching position left by Pete Carroll. Weaver refused to comment on the future of Del Rio as he talked to the Associated Press, "Look, you know I'm not going to get into those things. Jack Del Rio is our coach right now."

Hardly a rousing endorsement for his head coach following some other potentially harsh words that the Jaguars owner said about the team's progress as his team not only completed their second consecutive losing season, but also their second consecutive last place finish.

"We went into the season with expectations to make the postseason," Weaver said. There's no one more disappointed than I am."

Jaguars owner Wayne Weaver was reportedly miffed with Jack Del Rio's interest in the LSU job that came available a few years ago, and now that USC has come calling, it can't make him feel much better. Still, Del Rio denies that his former school even made him an official offer to be their new head coach.

"All of those other things are a figment of other people's imaginations," Del Rio told WJCT in Jacksonville this morning when asked about the Southern Cal offer.

Del Rio tried to shift the focus of the questioning toward his current job as Jaguars head coach.

"It's all speculation and hype, I'm getting ready to go in and work on our offseason plan right now," the Jaguars head coach told reporters.

Even if Del Rio isn't quite being forthright about the college offer, it really doesn't matter at this point. Del Rio wasn't going to leave a job paying him $15 million for what would likely have been considerably less money. That said, Wayne Weaver isn't about to fire Del Rio and pay him that kind of money when there's another job that he would like to have.

Both Del Rio and Weaver appear to be calling each other's bluff, but at this point with the guaranteed money that is due to the Jaguars seventh-year head coach, it would appear that he has all the leverage.

"Let's just let it all play out," Del Rio said. "I have a great job here, I'm looking forward to getting in and getting back to work."

Del Rio will be getting back to work now, but if the phone once again rings about a college job, how quickly will he answer?

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