Jaguars Report Card - QB

The Jacksonville Jaguars finished their season with a 7-9 record, and depending on who you talk to, 2009 was either a nice surprise or a bitter disappointment. However you look at it, 2009 is over and it's time to reflect on the play at each position and what we can expect going forward. We are going to begin with the quarterback position.

David Garrard - 314/516, 60.9%, 3,597 yards, 15 TD's, 10 INT's, 3 rushing TD's, 14 fumbles, 8 fumbles lost. QB rating 83.5

The good:
David Garrard started 16 games, which is vital to a team's continuity and success. Garrard had some good games, and he continues to prove that he's athletically capable of making all the throws.

The not so good: Garrard will be 32 years old next month, and he's still a poor decision maker, who plays at his worst in the most crucial times in games. He still has trouble going through his progressions, and he went eight games without throwing a touchdown pass. He led the league in fumbles and fumbles lost.

Going forward: History has showed us that Garrard is an elite backup quarterback, but just a mediocre starting quarterback. Too many other facets of the game have to be perfect for him to be successful. With nearly $8 million due to him in base salary next season, it is likely that the Jaguars will ask him to restructure his deal if they keep him, as his level of play is worth about half of that money.

Luke McCown - 1/3, 33.3%, 2 yards, 0 TD's, 0 INT's, QB rating 42.4

The good: McCown looks good in his teal and white uniform. Realistically, McCown has had some productive preseasons as a member of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

The not so good: McCown didn't have much of a chance to succeed this season as he saw the field in mop-up duty. McCown is mostly an unknown, as he was acquired just before the season by the Jaguars. If McCown was that stellar, he likely would've received a chance to start somewhere.

Going forward: McCown has a moderate salary for a backup quarterback, but nobody really knows whether or not he can play. He will likely be brought into training camp for at least one more look.

Final grade: C- The Jaguars weren't expected to do great things in 2009 so mediocre quarterback play was overshadowed by other glaring needs and problem areas. If the Jaguars expect to compete for a playoff spot in the future, they must get better at the quarterback position.

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